Driving an electric car – what our customers say

Alan and his wife Paulette first joined the Motability Scheme more than 16 years ago. Having previously had a hybrid vehicle on the Scheme, they recently made the decision to move to a fully electric vehicle when they ordered a Nissan Leaf.

Alan did plenty of research before going electric and was confident an electric vehicle would suit their lifestyle but admits to having some initial range anxiety when thinking about making long journeys.

However, after visiting some friends in Scotland – almost 250 miles from their home in Liverpool – Alan feels that he needn’t have worried.

“I just use it as a normal car. I don’t think of it because it’s electric it’s anything different”

He now says he’d never go back to a petrol or diesel vehicle after going electric due to the cost savings, environmental benefits and how relaxing it is to drive. “There’s no gears to worry about, no clutch to worry about, it’s just a dream to drive”.

You can watch Alan’s video detailing his experiences with an electric vehicle and the difference the Scheme has made to him and his family below:

How can I find an electric car on the Motability Scheme?

Motability Scheme customers can now choose to pick from fully electric cars by ticking the ‘Electric’ box under ‘Fuel Type’ in the Car Search tool.

Search the full range 

Careful use of the Motability Scheme Car Search tool will help you tailor the choice of over 1,200 cars available on the Scheme to your specific needs. The ‘advanced search’ function lets you narrow down choices to your exact requirements, including Advance Payment, brand, individual model, body style, fuel type, fuel consumption, number of seats – even whether it’s eligible for younger drivers.

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