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Everything you need to know about servicing your Motability Scheme car

Your car needs regular servicing to keep it running well. As a Motability Scheme customer, the cost of each service and any maintenance repairs necessary due to general wear are included as part of your worry-free lease package.

Usually, the service schedule alternates yearly between major and minor maintenance jobs, as well as a few additional tasks that are carried out according to the vehicle’s mileage and age. We spoke to a Motability Scheme dealer to answer some of the most common questions about servicing your car.

Servicing: your questions answered

For all car servicing, you should take your vehicle to the dealer that has been appointed as your managing dealer. We spoke to Jimmy Coughlan, Service Manager at Glyn Hopkin Nissan East London, to ask him some common questions about the servicing process.

How does a Motability Scheme customer know when a service is due?

“We make all customers aware of the service schedule at the point of handover. Our internal system automatically generates a reminder 28 days before the service is due and then our Motability Scheme booking team will send a text or email, along with a phone call to the customer.”

What is included in a Motability Scheme car’s service?

“All services are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule, which is shown in the service book. On completion of the service, the customer will be given a copy of the completed service checklist, showing the work that’s been carried out on their vehicle. Then we’ll accompany the Motability Scheme customer to their vehicle, which will have been given a courtesy wash and vacuum. A follow-up phone call will also be made within 48 hours to check to see if the customer was totally satisfied with their visit.”

What exactly will be checked during a service?

Services will usually include checks of engine oil, windscreen washer fluid, engine cooling system, lights, tyre tread and tyre pressure.

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How long does a service take?

“Service times vary, depending on what type of service is due. We offer courtesy vehicles if the service is going to take a while. What’s more, if an adapted vehicle is needed, we’ll request one to be delivered here on the day of the appointment. We also offer waiting slots to suit everyone. We feel this allows us to build good relationships with our Motability Scheme customers. They’re also welcome to check out the new models in our showroom while they wait. This might help them think about which car they could possibly lease next when their vehicle is due for renewal.”

What proof is needed that the car has been serviced?

“We’ll stamp the car’s service book, and on top of that, we’ll give the customer a completed service check sheet. All services are recorded on our internal system and with the Motability Scheme, too.”

What if I need tyres?

As a Motability Scheme customer, replacement tyres and repairs are included in your lease package, provided by Kwik Fit. To book an appointment with your local Kwik Fit use the online booking tool or you can call them on 0330 123 1531.

Or if you are unable to get to a centre, the tyre you need is not in stock or if accessibility at your nearest centre is difficult, Kwik Fit also offer a mobile service. The service is available by appointment in advance only and is not able to repair punctures. You can organise an appointment for one of Kwik Fit’s mobile fitting units to replace tyres at your home at no extra cost, but to make sure they bring the right tyres for your car, you’ll need to have your car registration and tyre size to hand when you arrange your appointment.

Find out more about how to use the Kwik Fit mobile service

Good Condition Bonus

Getting your car serviced regularly is not only important for your safety and comfort – you could even get a Good Condition Bonus at the end of your lease if your vehicle has been looked after well.

There are some simple things you can do throughout your lease to make sure your car performs well and is kept in good condition. In between services, you should carry out the following regular checks:

  • Paintwork – wash the car regularly to maintain its paintwork
  • Lights – check they are clean and working properly
  • Engine oil level
  • Windscreen washer fluid level
  • Engine cooling system level
  • Tyres (including your spare)

You should also:

  • Ensure all faults are put right quickly
  • Respond to any manufacturer recall e.g. if a faulty part needs replacing


If you have any enquires related to maintaining your Motability Scheme car or the manufacturer’s documentation, you should contact your Motability Scheme dealer.

Find the right car for you

You can see the full range of vehicles available on the Motability Scheme by checking out our car search tool. If you’re already a customer, you can find out more about the process of getting your next car and see a month-by-month breakdown of the process leading up to the day of collection.

The Motability Scheme allows you to exchange all or part of your mobility allowance for leasing a car, scooter or powered wheelchair. For more information about joining the Motability Scheme, you can use our eligibility checker.

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