Meet your new soundtrack – The Motability Scheme is on Spotify

Did you know we’re on Spotify? Our Spotify channel is now host to a wide range of themed playlists to suit any mood. We’ve got everything, from energising mixes to drivetime classics and playlists to unwind to. Read more below.

The power of music is undeniable. The right track can make us smile, make us cry, or make us want to dance. There are songs that immediately take us back to a particular place, a moment in time, or to a particular person. And we all have a favourite artist, or that one song that never fails to give us an emotional lift.

Our new Motability Scheme Spotify channel is now host to a wide range of themed playlists to suit any mood. If you’re looking for an energiser, something to listen to while working from home, or a soundtrack to a romantic dinner with your loved one, we’ve got all that and more.

Our hit-packed playlists include:

  • The Motivation Mix is crammed with feel-good classics. Created from our social media community’s favourite upbeat tracks, from Uptown Funk to Sweet Caroline, this one is guaranteed to lift your mood. Whether you fancy a dance, shuffle or just to rise a smile and feel ready to take on anything, there’s a mood-booster here for you.
  • Our Drivetime Classics playlist includes all the great power ballads that sound best when you’re belting them out in the comfort of your car. And with singing reported to help reduce stress and improve mental health, you can make even the next trip to the supermarket an uplifting moment.
  • If what you need is to Relax and Unwind, then this playlist is for you. With the globally heightened levels of stress at the moment, this is one of our most frequently listened to playlists. The perfect background sound to clear your mind and focus on the present.
  • Playlists for all seasons: some songs are an absolute must-listen at certain times of year, so we’ve a selection of ready-made soundtracks for some of the landmark calendar days, including Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

Music has an impact on our moods daily and depending on the track we can feel energised, comforted or even euphoric. So, head on over to the Motability Scheme Spotify page, choose the playlist that best matches your feelings (or how you want to feel) and enjoy!

And if there’s a particular playlist you’d like us to create on a certain theme, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Stay tuned to our Motability Scheme Facebook Page for updates on lists we’ll be curating with the help of our online community.

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