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New breakdown app launched for scooter and powered wheelchair customers

Motability Assist, the specialist breakdown recovery service for Motability Scheme scooter and powered wheelchair customers, has recently launched a smart phone app to help customers in the event of a breakdown.

Especially designed with scooter and powered wheelchair customers in mind, the app means Motability Assist can pinpoint your exact location and get to you as quickly as possible, even if you’re not sure exactly where you are.

The app can be particularly helpful if you’re visiting somewhere you’re not familiar with or possibly in a more rural area without any distinguishable landmarks. It works by sending your exact location to Motability Assist so they won’t waste any unnecessary time trying to find you. The app is simple to install and use and costs the same as a single text message.

Kim Robinson, Project Manager at Authome Assist adds “our team is delighted to launch this new app exclusively for Motability Scheme powered wheelchair and scooter users. With the introduction of the new app, available for any smartphone, our team will be able to obtain your exact location at the click of a button. It’s quick and accurate, taking the stress out of your breakdown.”

To take advantage of the app you must download it in advance of being in a breakdown situation. So next time you have a WIFI connection, download the app from the App Store or Play Store on your phone by searching for ‘Motability Recovery’ and following the simple on screen instructions to complete the initial set up. If you have any difficulties downloading the app, please speak to your dealer who will be happy to help.

Once the app is downloaded on your phone, if you ever breakdown, simply open the app, click ‘Rescue me’ to generate a text message with the coordinates of your exact location and press send. Please note this app is only available for customers who lease a scooter and powered wheelchair through the Motability Scheme and benefit from the all-inclusive leasing package. It is not available for car Scheme customers or those who privately own a scooter or powered wheelchair.

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