Thinking of a WAV? Why you need to visit a One Big Day event!

Our hugely popular One Big Day events have been running for over 10 years now, showcasing a range of all the options available through the Scheme. If you are considering a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), these events are particularly useful as they allow you to see a number of different WAVs all under one roof. Watch this video to find out why a visit to a One Big Day event is so helpful.

If that’s got you interested, then you might like to know that at The Big Event in Birmingham you’ll find over 17 WAV suppliers, with 28 different WAVs on display! While you cannot test drive the vehicles being demonstrated at the event, you can try getting in and out and test the access space and the room inside the vehicle for you and your family.

Paul Conlen, General Manager of Automotive Group, one of the Motability Scheme’s WAV suppliers adds “Everything that is available on the Motability Scheme, pretty much, will be there in one place and that’s something our customers can’t achieve anywhere else”.

Plus, new and exclusive at our Birmingham event, we are launching a WAV taster experience in a select number of WAVs. The experience will allow people who have never travelled in a WAV and who are considering one for the very first time, to experience what it is like to travel in a WAV whilst remaining in a wheelchair. There is a limited number of taster experiences and, unlike a true test drive and home demonstration, you cannot specify which WAV you’d like to try, but we hope that this short taster will give potential new customers a feel for what travelling in a WAV is like.

If you’d like to find out more about our events, which WAV suppliers are attending and which WAVs they are demonstrating, visit our One Big Day information pages.

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