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Sarah’s story: “My WAV has made it possible for me to have a full life”

“My WAV has made it possible for me to have a full life”. Sarah has been a Motability Scheme customer for over 13 years; in this article she tells us how her Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) helps her manage her day to day home and family life.


Returning to the Everyday Freedoms of life after shielding

Disabled actress Cara Readle is one of the stars of our new national television campaign. Here, she discusses how her Motability Scheme car helps her with her day to day activities and what she's looking forward to doing now COVID restrictions are easing.

Scarborough Sea Life Centre

A day out to the Sea Life centre in Scarborough

Amy, a mum of five including daughter Isabelle who has sensorineural deafness in both ears, writes about her day out to Scarborough Sea Life Centre.

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Alan’s story: How the Scheme has changed my life

Watch Alan and his wife, soul-mate and carer Julie’s story on how the Scheme has made an impact on their life.

Ballet CMP.jpg

Jacqueline Du Pré’s life inspires new Royal Ballet production

Cellist Jacqueline Du Pré life and struggles with MS has inspired in the new play at the Royal Opera House. More about this inspirational story here.

Variety of sweets in a shop

Life is sweet!

Lara Masters has taken the time out of her busy schedule to tell us about her day visiting the Whole Foods Market in Kensington.

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Bianca’s story: the freedom to enjoy family life

Bianca, mum of three children tells us how the Motability Scheme has given her, and her family a new lease of life, enabling them to continue to go on journeys and adventures together.


‘It has transformed my life’: the restaurant where all staff have a disability

In this article from The Guardian, we get an inside look at the acclaimed Universe Santi restaurant and the inspiring team working together to celebrate creativity and independence.


A day in the life of Jack Binstead

Follow actor Jack Binstead as he runs some errands and see how his Motability Scheme car helps him to live a full and active life.


‘I want a world that is inclusive of everybody’

Journalist and podcaster Martyn Sibley wears many hats. In this interview, he discusses his disability, his work, and the lessons he has learned along the way.


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