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Electric and Hybrid cars: how to speak the language

More and more electric and hybrid cars are becoming available on the Motability Scheme, so in this article, Richard Aucock of Motoring Research gives a beginner’s guide to understanding electric car terminology.


Electric cars available on the Motability Scheme 2021

With electric vehicles available on the Motability Scheme, Motoring expert Richard Aucock reviews his four favourites by price and more. Find the one for you.

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West Midlands overtakes London in UK’s electric car charger revolution

The West Midlands has overtaken London as the region with the fastest-growing network of electric car chargers. Read this article from the Guardian to find out for more.

Electric cars and charging depicted as a close up of a charging port on the side of a vehicle.

Electric vehicles: do you have range anxiety?

Are you worried about your electric vehicle running out of charge? This guide will ease you out of your range anxiety.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Pros and Cons

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatively powered cars like hybrid and electric cars? Read on to find out.

Do electric cars have gearboxes?

Do electric cars have gearboxes?

How does the lack of a gearbox enhance the driving experience in electric vehicles (EVs)? Learn more about the additional benefits of EVs here.

Woman charging electric car and making time adjustment on a smartphone

6 ways to maximise your electric vehicle’s driving range

Understanding how to take care of your electric car's battery is key to boosting its performance and increasing its range. Read this article for 6 top tips on how you can make the most of your EV and drive further on every charge.

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Man Holding Power Charging Cable For Electric Car In Outdoor Car Park. And he’s going to connect the car to the charging station in the parking lot near the shopping center.

Interest in electric cars surges during fuel shortage

Recent fuel shortages have sparked new interest in Electric Vehicles nationwide. Read car expert Andy Goodwin's analysis of what this means for car buyers.

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All you need to know about Electric Vehicles

As we move towards a fully electric future for our roads, we have put together a guide to electric vehicles to help you understand their range, battery life and what the future holds. Read on for more.

What's The Real Cost of Having an Electric Vehicle?

What’s the real cost of having an Electric or Hybrid vehicle?

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common on roads across the UK. But what's the real cost of an electric vehicle? Read here to find out.


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