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Motability Car Search tool

Spotlight on: Cars that cost less than your allowance

There are currently over 200 cars that cost less than your allowance that are available to lease through the Scheme.

Scheme news

Expert car picks from the new Motability Scheme price guide

Motoring expert Richard Aucock reviews his top new car picks from the Motability Scheme’s latest car price list for 2022. From automatic to electric vehicles, SUVs to small cars, there’s something for everyone no matter your needs or budget.

Motability Scheme customer

Improvements to WAV Search tool launched

To help you to narrow down your choice, we have recently adjusted the WAV size categories. Here's a summary of the key differences.

Scheme news

WAV sizes explained

If you are looking for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) there are some key decisions that will help narrow down your choice of suitable vehicles.

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Mother and son washing Motability Scheme car

Everything you need to know about crossover cars

Crossovers are becoming more popular in the UK, so we think it might be useful to take a closer look at what these curiously named cars are.


Automatic cars with no Advance Payment | Motability Scheme

Richard Aucock of Motoring Research has selected and reviewed five automatic cars that are available to lease on the Scheme, with no Advance Payment.

Scheme news
Pair mobile phone with vehicle

How to make the most of connected cars and protect your data

Connected cars can be extremely useful, but have you considered what might happen to your data? Find out how to protect yourself.

Wheelchair basketball

How I fell in love with my wheelchair

We hope you'll enjoy this article about embracing life in a wheelchair and learning to love it.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle ramp for a wheelchair user.jpg

Which Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is right for you?

If you or someone you care for uses a wheelchair, a WAV might be right for you. In this guide, we explain the different types of WAV.

Scheme news
How to choose boots on cars

Car boot space: how much do you really need?

Boot space is a vital consideration when it comes to choosing a new car. Read these top tips to help you choose the right vehicle for your needs.

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