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Marvelling at Amazon's Echo Dot

Smart home technology for people with disabilities

Read on here to learn how smart home technology can help maintain independence and improve quality of life for people with disabilities.

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Motoring technology

New motoring technology

Here we take a look at not only some of the technology that's available now, but also what we might have in the not too distant future.

Motability Scheme customer using mobile phone

How technology helps keep us mobile

A particularly exciting aspect of modern technology is innovation that helps us get around, especially for those of us with mobility issues.

Rear cross traffic alert technology

What is Rear Cross Traffic Alert technology?

Have you heard of Rear Cross Traffic Alert? It's becoming more commonly available in cars available on the Motability Scheme. Find out more.

Motoring technology concept image cars on a motorway.jpg

The latest car safety technology for October 2019

From eyesight driver assist technology to semi-autonomous driving, here is the latest car safety technology that has been developed

Night vision camera

A round-up of some of the most exciting new car technology available

Read these five new developments in car technology that are not only exciting but that will also become broadly used in the very near future.

Traffic jam

Stop-start technology: what’s the long-term impact on my car’s engine?

How effective is stop-start technology in saving fuel and could it impact your car in the long term?

Voice recognition

Voice recognition cars: Where is the technology now and where is it going?

In-car speech recognition has been around for longer than other voice recognition technology, but where is this technology going?

Woman crossing road

This is the latest car technology to help avoid road accidents

The technology available to help drivers avoid collisions on the road is rapidly developing. Find out more in our guide.

Car interior

How technology can help make driving easier for disabled motorists

With new models and technologies being released regularly, motoring technology seems to be constantly developing, offering disabled drivers new options


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