What is Child Disability Payment and how does it work with the Motability Scheme?

You may have heard that Social Security Scotland recently introduced a new disability allowance for children and young people living in Scotland called Child Disability Payment.

This was initially launched on a trial basis, but following a successful pilot is now being rolled out across the rest of Scotland.

But what is Child Disability Payment, why has it been introduced and how does it work with the Motability Scheme?

What is Child Disability Payment?

Child Disability Payment is a new allowance available to children living in Scotland aged 3 months to 18 years old.

This allowance has been introduced by Social Security Scotland, who are taking over responsibility for disability assistance payments from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for people living in Scotland.

Child Disability Payment will eventually replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children and young people living in Scotland. Unlike the rest of the UK, where DLA is only available until a child is 16 years old, children in Scotland who are awarded Child Disability Payment will continue to receive this allowance until they are 18 years old.

Did you know?

If you are in receipt of higher rate mobility Child Disability Payment, then you could be eligible to lease an affordable new car with the Motability Scheme.

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Who can apply for Child Disability Payment?

Child Disability Payment is available to disabled children living in Scotland under the age of 16.

Initially this new allowance was only available to people living in the Perth and Kinross, Dundee City and Western Isles council areas, but since 22 November 2021, Social Security Scotland are accepting new applications for Child Disability Payment across all areas of Scotland.

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How much will I receive if I’m awarded Child Disability Payment?

Much like DLA, Child Disability Payment is made up of two parts called ‘components’ – the ‘care component’ and the ‘mobility component’. Each component is paid at different rates, with the current rates as follows:

Care component How much (weekly)
Higher rate £89.60
Middle rate £60.00
Lower rate £23.70


Mobility component How much (weekly)
Higher rate £62.55
Lower rate £23.70

Can I join the Motability Scheme if I receive Child Disability Payment?

If you are in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Child Disability Payment, and have at least 12 months remaining on your award, you can apply to lease a car, scooter, powered wheelchair or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) through the Motability Scheme.

Please note that in Scotland the Motability Scheme works through the Government’s Accessible Vehicles and Equipment scheme, which helps to provide disabled people in Scotland with access to vehicles or mobility equipment. However, the process of joining the Motability Scheme should be no different to the rest of the UK.

Accessible Vehicles and Equipment Scheme launches in Scotland

I live in Scotland and receive DLA, will I be transferred to Child Disability Payment?

Yes, if you live in Scotland and currently receive DLA, Social Security Scotland will contact you to let you know when you are being transferred to Child Disability Payment. Transfers began on 11 October 2021 and are expected to continue until spring 2023.

Transfers will begin with anyone aged between 15 and a half to 17 years old. Once the transfer is complete, you will continue to be eligible to receive Child Disability Payment until you are 18. You will not need to be reassessed as part of this process unless your circumstances have changed.

If you are an existing Motability Scheme customer, this transfer will also have no impact on your lease.

Interested in joining the Scheme?

About the Scheme

The Motability Scheme offers an all-inclusive package. If you are in receipt of a qualifying mobility allowance you can use it to lease a car, scooter, powered wheelchair or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. The Scheme provides flexible and hassle-free access to a brand new, reliable vehicle of your choice. As well as a great choice of cars, we also provide a wide range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, scooters and powered wheelchairs.

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To join the Scheme, you must be in receipt of one of the following mobility allowances:

  • Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Child Disability Payment – Scotland
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

You can easily check whether you’re eligible to join the Motability Scheme by using our eligibility checker tool.

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