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Driving in fog: top tips

Driving in fog: top tips

What should you do when driving in fog? Our advice will help you stay safe.

Hugo Griffiths
Hugo Griffiths
Car Buyer
Everyday tips
17 November 2017
Cars on road waiting in traffic jam

Car stopping distances: everything you need to know

A variety of factors such as road conditions or driver impairment can affect stopping distances – so read on for our full guide.

Tom Wiltshire
Tom Wiltshire
Auto Express
14 November 2017
Camel Trail

12 greatest accessible trails across the UK

Rough Guides’ writer Helena Smith has cherry-picked some of the best accessible routes in the country.

Helena Smith
Rough Guides
09 November 2017
3D printing

What could 3D printing mean for mobility?

3D printing promises a number of exciting benefits for many industries, but what could it mean for mobility?

Tim Barnes-Clay
Motability WP Live
08 November 2017
Food festival

Days out for foodies: The best accessible food and drink experiences in the UK

Rough Guides’ writer Eleanor Aldridge picks some of the best food and drink experiences in the UK, all accessible with a Motability Scheme car or scooter.

Eleanor Aldridge
Rough Guides
07 November 2017
Wet windscreen

Driving in heavy rain and flooding

Driving in heavy rain can be tricky even for experienced drivers, stay safe during these conditions with these simple tips

Motability Scheme
Everyday tips
05 November 2017
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Kim’s story: Caring for my mum

"When mum became ill very unexpectedly, I became her full-time carer. It was diffcult but the Scheme allowed me to have something that was quality."

Motability Scheme
03 November 2017
Motability Scheme customer in car

Figures show that compulsory eye tests for motorists would cut road accidents

Almost 90 per cent of drivers believe that compulsory eye tests would cut collisions and make Britain’s roads safer, figures reveal

Laura Thomson
Laura Thomson
PA Motoring Service
02 November 2017

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