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Down House Gardens

Five accessible spots for rainy days

Rough Guides writer Emma Field has found five accessible activities to keep you entertained and dry on those inevitable rainy days!

Emma Field
Motability Scheme
27 February 2020
Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) sign

Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zones are being rolled out across the UK to try and lower emissions. In this article, Helen Dolphin looks at the towns and cities who are introducing these initiatives.

Helen Dolphin
Motability Scheme
Everyday tips
26 February 2020
Motability 2010 Customer Photoshoot

Motability Assist: The breakdown service for scooter and powered wheelchair customers

Motability Scheme customer Ms Hull tells us her story about what happened when she broke down when out on her scooter, and how Motability Assist helped her.

Motability Scheme
Scheme news
25 February 2020
50984_Scottish Accreditation February 2020.jpg

Motability Scheme accredited in Scotland

The Scottish Government has accredited the Motability Scheme to provide cars, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, scooters and powered wheelchairs, to eligible disabled people.

Motability Scheme
Scheme news
20 February 2020
Disabled Chef James Coke

Shrove Tuesday pancakes with disabled chef James Coke

Here's how to make the perfect sweet and savoury pancake for Shrove Tuesday. Follow this easy to follow recipe created by the disabled chef, James Coke.

Ian Cook
Motability Scheme
Everyday tips
20 February 2020
AI technology for people with disabilities

New AI technology for people with disabilities

How AI is helping people manage the symptoms of their conditions? Learn more about this exciting tech and what it means for people with disabilities here.

Laura Marcus
Motability Scheme
Everyday tips
19 February 2020
Ballet CMP.jpg

Jacqueline Du Pré’s life inspires new Royal Ballet production

Cellist Jacqueline Du Pré life and struggles with MS has inspired in the new play at the Royal Opera House. More about this inspirational story here.

Dalya Alberge
Dalya Alberge
The Guardian
17 February 2020
Sarah Valentine's Day 2.jpg

Relationships and chronic illness

In this article, disability and lifestyle blogger Sarah discusses how she manages her personal relationships alongside her multiple chronic conditions.

Motability Scheme
13 February 2020
Motability Scheme customer reading Price Guide

10 things to help you decide if the Motability Scheme is right for you

We've highlighted a few things that people often want to talk to us about before deciding if the Scheme is for them.

Motability Scheme
Scheme news
12 February 2020

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