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Motability Scheme scooter

Test drive: Small scooters put through their paces

This is the second in a series of mobility scooter reviews by our independent reviewer. This review focuses on small Class 2 scooters.

Ian Cook
Motability Scheme
24 April 2018

8 Perfect places for a stress-free day out

Sometimes you just need a day to recharge, and there are plenty of spots around the UK where you can enjoy an afternoon’s relaxation. Here are eight ideas from Rough Guides’ writer Jacqui Agate for a stress-free day out.

Jacqui Agate
Rough Guides
23 April 2018
Autumn in the Forest of Dean - Soudley Ponds, UK

Exploring the great outdoors with Treasure Trails

Amanda Ingham works for Aspire Living, a local Herefordshire charity. She tells us about the fun days out has with Erica to help support her family.

Amanda Ingham
Amanda Ingham
Days Out blog
21 April 2018

The best afternoon teas: traditional, fun and accessible

The quintessentially British pastime of taking tea in the afternoon is as popular as ever. To celebrate National Tea Day on 21 April 2018, Rough Guides’ writer Mandy Tomlin has scoured the UK for some of the country’s best, and most accessible places for an indulgent treat.

Mandy Tomlin
Rough Guides
18 April 2018
Motability Scheme customer on mobility scooter

Motability Assist: the breakdown service that gives peace of mind

Four Motability Scheme customers tell their stories about what happened when they broke down and how Motability Assist helped them.

Motability Scheme
Scheme news
17 April 2018
Bingo Game

Lara Masters’ guilty pleasure: Bingo!

As part of our days out blogs Lara Masters tells us all about her guilty pleasure, Bingo!

Lara Masters
Lara Masters
Days Out blog
14 April 2018
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What difference can the Motability Scheme make?

Whether it's spending time with loved ones, exploring new places or just making daily jobs easier, customers tell us how the Motability Scheme has made a difference to their lives.

Motability Scheme
11 April 2018

New car tech is on its way to enforce Clean Air Zones

This shows some of the exciting new developments in technology that could record the levels of nitrogen oxide and co2 coming from cars

PA Motoring Team
PA Motoring Team
PA Motoring Service
10 April 2018

Car security: top tips

Although insurance is included as part of the Motability Scheme's all-inclusive car lease, these tips will help you keep your car safe!

Andy Goodwin
Andy Goodwin
Car Buyer
Everyday tips
09 April 2018

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