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Lara Masters is a presenter, actress, freelance writer and the co-owner of a burlesque fashion label. She has worked in the media for several years as the first disabled presenter in mainstream television.Taking a break from her busy schedule, Lara tells us about her trip to London Zoo.

Still valiantly attempting to make the most of the fleeting glimpses of summer weather we almost get to enjoy in the UK, I decided on an excursion to London Zoo. This was somewhat nostalgic for me as I last went with my dad when I was 10. Unfortunately, the outstanding memory of our outing was him going into a cafe to get us ice creams and a pigeon pooing on my head as I waited outside.

Even though London Zoo traditionally caters for kids (and was over-run with them as it was half-term), I went with my boyfriend and found it surprisingly romantic wandering around the zones. All the usual suspects were accounted for; tigers, lions, monkeys, gorillas, giraffes, penguins, reptiles and spiders. Our favourites were the hilariously cute meerkats and the rare okapi, as well as a mini giraffe-zebra like creature who comes from the Congo. I was so entranced by this odd-looking but gentle, bambi-like creature that came right up to us, I wanted to smuggle him out in our rucksack. Sadly my boyfriend refused to co-operate.

There are enclosures where the animals are free so you can really get up close to some of the monkeys. There’s also a butterfly tunnel, which is very warm and swarming with exotic free-flying specimens. A little girl in front of me had a large black and white butterfly land on her head. Her mum told her not to move and people gathered round to take pictures of it.

“Is it weeing on me?” the child asked, slightly hysterically. I probably should have warned her off paying a visit to the aviary. But I didn’t.

The Zoo is huge and there are various demonstrations and feeding times to watch so a full day is required to make the most of it. Access is great and there are various concessions.

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