Motability Scheme customers

Are you noticing changes that affect your ability to drive?

Lots of our customers experience changes in their condition, both improvements and deterioration, which can mean that your mobility requirements change during the course of your lease. If this is the case there are two important things you need to consider:

  1. If you have a condition or disability that affects your ability to drive, you should notify the DVLA
  2. If changes mean that your Motability Scheme vehicle is no longer appropriate, you should contact our Customer Services team.

The DVLA have a specialist team that will look after the administration of any medical investigations, and will be responsible for deciding whether any changes to your license will be made. If the DVLA decide that either no further action is needed, or that your driving license will only be valid for a shorter period of one year or more, you do not need to advise us of this. In some cases the DVLA may request that you need a driving assessment by an independent mobility specialist, usually an organisation called Driving Mobility. If the assessment results in either additional codes being added to your license; your license being cancelled or if your license is restricted to automatic cars only and you currently lease a manual car, you must let both our insurance provider and our Customer Services team know immediately. You can find out more on the website.

If your needs have changed, it’s worth knowing that nearly 10% of our customers have some form of vehicle adaptation to help them access or drive their Motability Scheme car and a further 5% have a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. Simple driving adaptations mean that over 40,000 Motability Scheme customers are currently enjoying a more comfortable driving experience, or indeed are able to continue to drive where it would otherwise not be possible. If your disability means that accessing your car is becoming more difficult, speak to us about the possibility of access adaptations or, if you no longer have the ability to transfer out of your wheelchair, a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle could be an alternative solution.

So even if your needs are changing, the chances are we have a solution to help you maintain your independence. Find out more about the options available to you:

Explore adaptations

Explore Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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