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How to save money and fuel by ‘eco-driving’

Here are seven easy changes you can make to increase your car’s fuel efficiency, helping you to save money and protect the planet.


The rewards of being a carer

There are many rewards for being a carer, especially during the lockdown. Here are some of the reasons why many carers find it so rewarding.

Sarah's Dogs

Pet therapy and mental health

Sarah Alexander is a disability and lifestyle blogger, as well as a Motability Scheme customer. In this article, Sarah discusses the importance of her dogs and how they help her mental health.

Motability Scheme customers at seaside

Ask for help and find opportunities for independence: Top tips for carers

If you’ve just started caring for a friend or loved one, you might find advice from experienced carers useful in this new role.

Everyday tips
Autism Article header image.jpg

How the Motability Scheme can help if you care for someone with autism

For a carer, parent or family member of someone with autism, travelling via public transport or running an older, less reliable car can sometimes be challenging.

Scheme news
Play video Zz1lNjcyMzRhMzU3MGM3ZGIzYzVmMDk2NTZhOWRjYmI0Mg==

How my Motability Scheme vehicle has impacted my life

We asked some of our customers to tell us what they use their Motability Scheme vehicle for. Watch the story.

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Kim’s story: Caring for my mum

"When mum became ill very unexpectedly, I became her full-time carer. It was diffcult but the Scheme allowed me to have something that was quality."


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