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Car carrier on an empty motorway signifying a shortage of new cars

Vehicle supply issues and delayed orders: Your questions answered

The global car market is currently facing a number of challenges, all of which are leading to supply issues, delivery delays and a shortage of many new makes and models. Read more about these issues and what you can do if your order is affected.

Motability Scheme customer reading Price Guide

10 things to help you decide if the Motability Scheme is right for you

We've highlighted a few things that people often want to talk to us about before deciding if the Scheme is for them.

Scheme news
Cars available on the Motability Scheme 2021

Latest prices for the Motability Scheme

Our range of over 1200 vehicles available through the Motability Scheme has now been updated for October-December 2021.

Scheme news

The car industry’s most eco-friendly advancements

The move towards greener forms of commuting is a hot topic at the moment. Read this article to learn about the car industry’s most eco-friendly advancements.

Taxed vehicles, cars and lorries at rush hour on road

Do you need to pay car tax?

Get to grips with car tax, otherwise named Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), and learn how to claim a reduction, whether you're eligible for exemption, and more.

Salesman giving car keys to customer who has chosen a new car and shaking his hand

Driving ergonomics: choosing the right car

You might assume the type of car you buy doesn’t really affect how comfortable you are when driving, but in reality there’s a lot to consider. This article outlines some of the things to think about when choosing your next car.


Large family cars with no Advance Payment

Richard Aucock of Motoring Research has selected and reviewed five large family cars, including fours cars that are currently available to lease on the Motability Scheme with no Advance Payment.

electric car available on the Motability Scheme

Electric cars available on the Motability Scheme 2021

With electric vehicles available on the Motability Scheme, Motoring expert Richard Aucock reviews his five favourites by price and more. Find the one for you.


Don’t forget your MOT

Despite the current UK lockdown servicing departments remain open for essential maintenance and repairs, including MOTs. So, if your MOT is fast approaching, you can still contact your dealer to make an appointment. Read more here.

Driving in the future may be very different.

5 ways driving is set to change in the near future: air-cleaning cars to mind control

This year's Goodwood Festival of Speed showcased exciting advancements in the automotive industry. Here are five ways driving could change in the years to come.


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