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My experience learning to drive with Muscular Dystrophy

Emma Muldoon has Muscular Dystrophy - a progressive muscle weakness. Here, she discusses her experience of driving with Muscular Dystophy, the Motability Scheme, and why ultimately she'd prefer to be a passenger. 


Campaign launched to improve disabled passengers’ journeys

The Government has launched a new campaign to help improve the journeys of disabled people on public transport. Read on for more.


Important cross-party letter calling for a disability inclusive COVID-19 response

A cross-party letter calling for a disability inclusive COVID-19 response has been sent to the Prime Minister.

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Disabled Chef James Coke

Shrove Tuesday pancakes with disabled chef James Coke

Here's how to make the perfect sweet and savoury pancake for Shrove Tuesday. Follow this easy to follow recipe created by the disabled chef, James Coke.

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Sarah New Years CMP.jpg

Are New Year’s resolutions worth it?

Disability blogger Sarah Alexander discusses how to create realistic goals for the New Year.

prosthetics resized 3.png

The evolution of prosthetics

Disability consultant and quadruple amputee Helen Dolphin looks back at the history of prosthetics, reflecting on her own experience and advances in technologies.

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TV shows with great disability representation

Disability representation on TV is really improving. Here is a collection of some of the best portrayals of disabled characters on British TV.

Keeping warm

Sarah Alexander’s top 10 tips for staying warm

Disability and lifestyle blogger Sarah Alexander reveals her top tips for staying warm during the colder months when venturing outside.

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Oxford Bulls football team

Down’s Syndrome children’s football team enjoys ‘celebrity status’

The Oxford Bulls, a football team for children with Down's Syndrome, advocates for inclusivity in sports. Read more about this inspirational team here.


‘It removes stigma’: how tech breaks down barriers for disabled students

From crowded lecture halls to being away from home, university can be hard for disabled students. These new technologies are making study more accessible.


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