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Sophie and Sam from the Lifestyle podcast

The Motability Lifestyle Pod is going international

Flying long-haul with British Airways (BA) this summer? Catch series one of The Motability Lifestyle Pod onboard from June.

Man with disability on his laptop renewing his PIP application

A guide to navigating the PIP renewal process

Navigating the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) process can be complex and stressful, Shona Louise has shared some advice on how to manage the renewal process.

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Disability writer Ian Cook driving his mobility scooter.

Guide to driving your mobility scooter

Disability writer and Scooter specialist Ian Cook goes over everything you need to know about driving your mobility scooter.

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Ian Cook looking happy and standing outside M&S with his shopping bags.

20 years of retail accessibility: the triumphs and challenges

In 2004, laws were introduced to make shopping and leisure activities more accessible for disabled people. Ian Cook shares how much has changed in the past 20 years.

Male executive in wheelchair working on computer in the office with a colleague in background.

Can I claim PIP and work at the same time?

If you receive the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) allowance, you may wonder if you're allowed to work at the same time. We've answered your most common questions on this topic.

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Young man making notes to prepare for his PIP assessment

How to prepare for your PIP assessment

Read our helpful guide on what to expect at your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment and how you can prepare in advance for it.

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Shot of a senior man in a wheelchair looking thoughtfully out of a window thinking about all the questions he has about How PIP works.

How does PIP work? All your questions answered

Get answers to the most common questions about the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application process, assessments, eligibility and more.

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Woman in a wheelchair working on her laptop indoors

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) explained: Eligibility, rates, reassessment and more

Whether you’ve just been awarded PIP for the first time, or if you are awaiting a reassessment, our helpful summary tells you what PIP could mean for you.

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Tired sleepy woman yawning during driving car

How to spot the signs that you’re too tired to drive

Driving while tired is a major cause of accidents, which is why it’s important to spot the signs of fatigue when going on long journeys. Keep reading to find out some of the main symptoms of driver fatigue, and what you can do to ensure your long drive goes smoothly.

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Disability aids recommended by disabled people

Chloe Tear reveals the best aids and equipment recommended by the disabled community. From mobility aids and bathroom equipment to handy kitchen gadgets, discover the best options for you.

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