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Yellow electric car on EV wireless charging lane. The in-road wireless charging coil have graphic to show charging progress. 3D rendering image.

Is wireless charging available for electric cars?

The accessibility of chargers is an important aspect of switching to an electric car. In this article, Tim Nevinson explains how wireless charging works, whether it's available for electric cars yet and what it could mean for you.


What are alternative fuel vehicles?

The motoring industry is trying to 'go green' as the 2030 fossil fuel car ban approaches. Read this article to learn more about the 'alternative fuels' used to power vehicles.


What is the Euro 7 emissions standard?

This article by Tom Jervis from Car Buyer explains what the Euro emissions standards are and what the upcoming Euro 7 standard could mean for you. Keep reading to find out more.


Electric car charger numbers increase by 37 per cent

With the increase in motorists switching to electric vehicles, it's great to see that the public charging network is also growing quickly. Keep reading to find out more.


The 2030 fossil fuel car ban and what it means

New cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will not be allowed to be sold in the UK from 2030. Read on to find out what this means.

Woman charging electric car on road in rural scenery with wind turbines at sunrise

The UK’s most scenic electric vehicle charging spots revealed

With more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, electric charging stations are popping up everywhere. Darren Cassey from PA Motoring Service shares some of the most scenic charging spots in the UK.

Electric car charging station for charge EV battery. Plug for vehicle with electric engine. EV charger. Clean energy. Charging point at car parking lot. Green power. Future transport technology.

Plans revealed for UK’s largest electric car battery gigafactory in Coventry

With electric cars soaring in popularity, the West Midlands Gigafactory has announced plans to become the UK’s largest electric car battery plant as the firm seeks more investment. Learn more in this article by PA Motoring Reporter.

Close-up of electric car public charging station on city street. Power supply for electrocar. Refueling for e-mobility. Innovation and modern vehicle concept

EVs on UK roads outnumber plug-in hybrids for the first time

With fully electric cars now outnumbering plug-in hybrids on the road, it’s clear that the shift towards zero-emissions motoring is well underway. Find out more in this article by Darren Cassey from PA Motoring.


The car industry’s most eco-friendly advancements

The move towards greener forms of commuting is a hot topic at the moment. Read this article to learn about the car industry’s most eco-friendly advancements.


What are biofuels?

Have you ever wondered what biofuels are? Made from renewable sources of carbon that have been harvested recently, Biofuel can act as a substitute for fuels like petroleum, propane, coal and gas. Read this article from Auto Express for more.


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