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Meet Niki, our 700,000th customer on the Motability Scheme

We're pleased to celebrate that there are now over 700,000 customers on the Motability Scheme. To mark this exciting milestone we spoke to Niki, who told us all about her experience joining the Scheme and getting her brand-new car, which she calls 'Stevie the EV'.

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A guide to electric vehicle (EV) public charging costs

How much does it cost to public charge your Motability Scheme electric vehicle? Our guide to EV charging station costs tells you what to expect when charging your car on the go.


UK’s largest electric car charging hub opens in Birmingham

The largest electric car charging hub in the UK has opened at the NEC near Birmingham. Learn all about the new GigaHub, being run by BP Pulse, here.

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Vehicle-to-Grid EV charging: what is it and how does it work?

Bi-directional charging allows you to power accessories from your car and use your car as battery storage and put excess energy back into the grid. Read on to find out the benefits it could bring to Motability Scheme customers.


Electric cars available for less than £1000 Advance Payment

Motoring expert Richard Aucock has reviewed his top affordable electric cars on the Motability Scheme, with an Advance Payment of £1000 or less. Keep reading to hear his thoughts.

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Electric Car Batteries Explained

One of the main differences between electric cars and petrol/diesel vehicles is the battery. In this article, we explain how electric car batteries work and how to keep them in good condition.


Try our new and improved electric car suitability tool and tell us what you think

Our new and improved electric car suitability tool helps you check if an electric vehicle (EV) could be right for you, based on your needs and lifestyle. Find out more here.

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More than one million battery-powered vehicles now on UK roads

Electric cars are on the rise, with over 1 million fully electric vehicles now on the UK's roads. Learn more about the growing popularity of EVs in this article.


Meet our home chargepoint providers: Ohme and Easee

For customers leasing their first fully electric car on the Motability Scheme, we'll support you with charging your vehicle, either at home or on the go. In this article, we share more information about our two home chargepoint providers, Ohme and Easee, and discuss how the installation process works.

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What is smart charging for electric vehicles (EVs)?

Compared to standard fuel cars, electric vehicles have much lower running costs – especially if you charge them at home. But did you know they can be even cheaper to run if you use smart charging technology? Learn more about EV smart charging here.


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