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Cheerful woman in a car

8 ways EVs make driving better

Motoring journalist Nick Harper shares how electric vehicles (EVs) offer a better driving experience in comparison to petrol or diesel cars.

Person using their phone while their EV is charging publicly

How to plan a long trip with an electric vehicle

Planning a long journey in your electric vehicle? Read these helpful tips to help you for your journey, including advice on route planning, public charging, and more.

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Man in wheelchair plugging in a charger in an electric car, in the background visible a nature field at sunset

Why EVs need less maintenance than petrol or diesel cars

Find out why EVs require less maintenance compared to petrol or diesel cars as we explore the cost-saving benefits and an EV's key maintenance factors.

Couple choosing car to buy in dealership receiving car keys for a car from the salesman.

Guide to navigating the choice of new cars

Independent motoring expert, Richard Aucock, explains all the different things to consider when choosing your new car with the Motability Scheme.

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Futuristic image of a car from a birds eye view with light trails

How the new car market is changing in 2024

Independent motoring journalist, Richard Aucock, shares an update on the recent changes in the automotive industry and what to expect in the future.

Man using the Go Charge card at a charging point

Enjoy easier public charging with Motability Go Charge

To make it easier to charge your electric car while you’re out and about, we've created Motability Go Charge. This is a charging card and app that gives you access to over 45,000 public chargepoints, and it's available for anyone that chooses an electric car.

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Hand pointing towards a touchscreen in a car with certain features highlighted

What is touchscreen technology in cars?

Independent motoring expert, Richard Aucock, explains all you need to know about touchscreen technology in cars and how they can be helpful for people with mobility issues.

Regenerative braking controls on a car

What is regenerative braking?

Independent motoring expert, Richard Aucock, explains all you need to know about regenerative braking.

Electric Vehicle EV real cost

Exploring the rise in EVs

Discover the latest updates on electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK through the perspective of independent motoring journalist Richard Aucock.


Meet Niki, our 700,000th customer on the Motability Scheme

We're pleased to celebrate that there are now over 700,000 customers on the Motability Scheme. To mark this exciting milestone we spoke to Niki, who told us all about her experience joining the Scheme and getting her brand-new car, which she calls 'Stevie the EV'.


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