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Electric car cost advantage over petrol grows amid energy market turmoil

The rise in petrol prices has been making some drivers consider an electric car as their next vehicle. Learn more about how the energy market turmoil is impacting the car industry in this article by Hilary Osborne from The Guardian.


What are alternative fuel vehicles?

The motoring industry is trying to 'go green' as the 2030 fossil fuel car ban approaches. Read this article to learn more about the 'alternative fuels' used to power vehicles.

Man Holding Power Charging Cable For Electric Car In Outdoor Car Park. And he’s going to connect the car to the charging station in the parking lot near the shopping center.

Interest in electric cars surges during fuel shortage

Recent fuel shortages have sparked new interest in Electric Vehicles nationwide. Read car expert Andy Goodwin's analysis of what this means for car buyers.

Fuel pump symbolising concerns over E10 fuel shortage.

‘No need to panic’ about E10 fuel arriving next month, says AA

As E10 is becoming the standard petrol grade in Great Britain, the AA is warning drivers not panic-buy this fuel when it arrives next month. Find out more.


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