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Man with disability on his laptop renewing his PIP application

A guide to navigating the PIP renewal process

Navigating the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) process can be complex and stressful, Shona Louise has shared some advice on how to manage the renewal process.

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Quality time. Adorable little girl standing next to her father with mobility impairment sitting in a wheel chair and listening to the music with him, sharing one pair of headphones

Keeping mental health front of mind

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we consider the importance of mental health and share techniques for establishing a happier headspace.

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Lynley’s Story

“I would encourage anyone who is eligible to join the Motability Scheme … it will change your life!” Watch our video to discover the difference joining the Scheme has made to former teacher Lynley.


4 ways to get your worries under control

From 15 minutes of meditation to a dedicated "worry time", we've compiled a few quick tips to help you get your worries under control. 

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Driving with Cerebral Palsy

Journalist Chloe Tear and actress Cara Readle are both Scheme customers, and both have Cerebral Palsy. They discussed their experience with CP and how this affects their ability to drive.

Andrey Popov

Five ways to make exercise part of your routine

In this article, writer Evelyn James looks at five simple ways that you can make exercise part of your daily routine.

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The importance of routine during self-isolation

In this article, disability blogger Emma Muldoon considers the importance of a daily routine and gives her top-tips on how to stick to one.

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Sarah's Dogs

Pet therapy and mental health

Sarah Alexander is a disability and lifestyle blogger, as well as a Motability Scheme customer. In this article, Sarah discusses the importance of her dogs and how they help her mental health.

AI technology for people with disabilities

New AI technology for people with disabilities

How AI is helping people manage the symptoms of their conditions? Learn more about this exciting tech and what it means for people with disabilities here.

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Ian exercising accessible gym equipment.jpg

The benefits of exercise and how to do it with a disability

Being disabled doesn't mean you can't exercise. We give tips for getting fit with a disability, from getting started to which sport to do.

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