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Disabled creative, Pippa Stacey enjoying the nature in her powered wheelchair

Exploring nature in a powered wheelchair

Disability creative, Pippa Stacey, shares her experience and top tips for exploring nature in a powered wheelchair.

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Two little child play at home in the evening to build a camping tent to read books with a flashlight and sleep inside. Concept of: game, magic, creativity, alarm systems

5 fun accessible indoor activities for children this winter

As the winter school holidays draw near, keeping your kids engaged indoors can be both challenging and costly. Fear not, as we've put together a list of fun, accessible and budget-friendly activities to ensure your children have a joyful winter break at home.

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My accessible ramble: Exploring the countryside on a mobility scooter

Summer is a great time to explore the British countryside, but it can often be inaccessible. However, groups like the Disabled Ramblers can help you explore more of the countryside while on a mobility scooter. Read about Pippa's first experience of an accessible ramble here.


Superhero Series: learn about the UK’s one & only disability sports series for the Everyday Superhero

The Superhero Series is a programme of fun, group sports events organised specifically for people with disabilities. Read our article to find out more, including how you can get involved with the events – both in person and at home!

An elder woman on a wheelchair going down a suburban street

New year, new hobby: How to make the most of your car or scooter this new year

There are many hobbies you can do using your Motability Scheme car, scooter or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. Find out about some of them here.


Travelling with a disability: Emma Muldoon shares her experience

Travelling can be very fulfilling – whether you want to learn something new, explore a different culture or just have a change of scenery. Here, Emma Muldoon shares her experience of travelling as a wheelchair user and discusses her favourite accessible destinations.


12 greatest accessible trails across the UK

Rough Guides’ writer Helena Smith has cherry-picked some of the best accessible routes in the country.


Mark Lane on how gardening has helped his wellbeing

Gardeners' World's Mark Lane explains how gardening has been so beneficial to his physical and mental wellbeing – and how it can help all of us.


7 of the best sensory gardens in the UK

You’ll find pleasing greenery and pretty blossoms the length of the UK, but to really take it up a notch, pay a visit to one of these sensory gardens. Rough Guides writer Emma Field has picked seven spectacular gardens that appeal to all the senses.

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How to stay connected to others with online communities

With the pandemic preventing us from socialising with others in person, feelings of isolation and loneliness are rising. We've put together a handy list of ways you can feel connected to others without leaving the house!

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