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‘Ginormous challenge’: boy with cerebral palsy completes marathon

A disabled boy has raised more than £60,000 for charity by walking a marathon. This article from The Guardian has more details.


Why I’ll always answer a child’s question about disability

Blogger and Motability Scheme customer Sarah Alexander, from Sarah Lex, writes about all things disability, beauty, fashion and lifestyle related. Here, she explains why she'll always answer children's questions on disability.


Callum’s story: “The Motability Scheme has impacted all of us”

In this video Callum, and his mum Gail, explain the positive impact joining the Motability Scheme has had on their whole family.


What is mindfulness? And how can it help you?

Mindfulness is a great practice for anyone looking to manage stress, anxiety, or just improve their overall mindset and wellbeing. Read on to find out more.


Colour in with Billy the Bear

Colouring is a great way to unwind, so we've made a series of Billy the Bear colouring pages for you or your little ones to enjoy.


Making friends as a disabled adult

Sarah Alexander is a disability and lifestyle blogger, as well as a Motability Scheme customer. In this article, she explains her struggles and experiences with maintaining friendships.


Meet the YouTuber who made lockdown work for her

Disabled influencer Jessica Kellgren-Fozard has been able to continue with her regular day job as a YouTuber during lockdown. Read on to find out more.

Dr Amy Kavanagh, a visually impaired activist, has created virtual pub The Staying Inn

Virtual pub showcases skills of disabled community to patrons in lockdown

A visually-impaired activist has launched a virtual pub to keep the disabled community uplifted and connected during the lockdown. Read on to find out more.

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Sarah Alexander’s ways of coping with self-isolation

Sarah Alexander has been self-isolating for over 12 weeks. In this article, she discusses what she’s doing to stay positive, and manage her multiple chronic conditions, during this period.

Tyrese Dibba

Disabled student teaching sign language to thousands with free video lessons

A student is bringing people together to learn sign language during lockdown with a series of free videos. Read on to find out more.


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