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you can order a new car now if your lease was extended over lockdown

Driving with Cerebral Palsy

Journalist Chloe Tear and actress Cara Readle are both Scheme customers, and both have Cerebral Palsy. They discussed their experience with CP and how this affects their ability to drive.

Andrey Popov

Five ways to make exercise part of your routine

In this article, writer Evelyn James looks at five simple ways that you can make exercise part of your daily routine.


Benefits to having a disability

In this article, disability blogger Sarah Alexander shares all the positive aspects of her disability, including how it makes her strong, patient and empathetic. Read more here.


How to stay safe and deal with the fear of going out

After so many weeks of isolation and lockdown, some people may be feeling stressed or anxious about the thought of venturing out again. Here are our top tips for overcoming the fear of going out.

Everyday tips

Terminally ill cricket umpire raises £12,500 to buy powered wheelchair

Cricket umpire, and Motability Scheme customer, John McIntear raised over £12,000 to buy a powered wheelchair after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Read on for more.


Parenting a disabled child is lonely – so I built an app to help us find each other

The mother of a disabled child has developed an app to enable families facing health and disability challenges to find new friends and interact.

Kemal Yildirim

Student makes lip-reading masks to help deaf people

A woman has begun creating clear face masks to help people who rely on lip-reading. Read this article for more.


Shona Louise learns about the Motability Scheme

Shona Louise is a disability and theatre blogger from Hertfordshire. In this article, her first in a series about her experience of joining the Motability Scheme, Shona explains how she learnt about the Scheme and the steps she's taking to find the best vehicle for her needs.


‘Ginormous challenge’: boy with cerebral palsy completes marathon

A disabled boy has raised more than £60,000 for charity by walking a marathon. This article from The Guardian has more details.


Why I’ll always answer a child’s question about disability

Blogger and Motability Scheme customer Sarah Alexander, from Sarah Lex, writes about all things disability, beauty, fashion and lifestyle related. Here, she explains why she'll always answer children's questions on disability.


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