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A guide to electric vehicle (EV) public charging costs

How much does it cost to public charge your Motability Scheme electric vehicle? Our guide to EV charging station costs tells you what to expect when charging your car on the go.

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6 million people set to receive £150 disability cost-of-living payment from the Government

Due to the cost-of-living rising, the Government is making an automatic one-off payment to support people who receive qualifying disability benefits. Learn more about the £150 payment today in this article by Vicky Shaw from Press Association.

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Money-saving tips and discounts: advice from a Scheme customer

Disability blogger and Scheme customer Emma Muldoon shares her advice for saving money, including some discounts and tips that can add up to big savings. Keep reading to find out more.

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COVID-19 update: £50 insurance-based refund

In 2020 we were able to share savings from a lower level of insurance claims with our customers. Due to similar reductions in claims during further lockdowns, we’re able to send another insurance-based refund of £50 to customers who joined the Scheme before 4 January 2021.

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How the Motability Scheme compares to other leasing options

There are other vehicle lease options that work in a similar way, but with some differences you may not know about.

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Quick hints for making the most of your car on a budget

We’ve compiled a list of tips we think might help you get the most out of your vehicle when you're on a budget.

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