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Cars parked on street

8 Of the best apps to make parking easier

The task of finding a parking space is still something that can be frustrating for many drivers, however Car Buyer has identified some of the best apps available now that can help you with this.

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empty parking lot with disabled parking sign on road.  parking for handicapped citizens.

People with ‘hidden disabilities’ could get Blue Badges

The government has recently announced a consultation where they are proposing changing the eligibility criteria for the Blue Badge scheme to include people with non-physical conditions.

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Parallel parking

Automatic parking explained

Among a whole host of new technologies finding their way into our cars is automatic parking. In this article, we’re going to explain how it manages to do this, and what it needs from you to do it.

disabled or handicapped badge holder parking sign, against stone wall

Qualifying for a Blue Badge with Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Learn how eligibility for the Blue Badge scheme differs depending on whether you receive DLA or PIP.

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car parking motion blur

What to do if your vehicle is stored with Gatwick First Parking Ltd

If your vehicle has been affected, you can contact West Sussex Trading Standards or Sussex Police

Scheme news
airport parking

Airport parking: top tips for keeping your car safe and getting a cheap deal

Are you going on holiday this summer? Find out the best way of getting to the airport with your Scheme car with this helpful summary.

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Disabled parking sign

How to access disabled parking concessions across the UK

Helen Dolphin clarifies some of the confusion around disabled parking and gives us some useful insight into parking concessions.

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Aerial view of parked cars

Parking bays to be widened in UK following SUV boom

Car parking spaces will be made bigger in future to accommodate the rising number of SUVs and large 4x4s


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