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Car driving through snow

How to drive in snow: top tips

Preparing to drive in snowy conditions begins before you even set off in the car.

Everyday tips
Motorway traffic

What are the latest car safety features?

Thanks to engineering advancements and countless safety campaigns, cars have never been as safe as they are now. Find out how here.

Email checking

Scam calls, texts and emails: How to avoid them and what to do if you receive one

We've put together some tips to help you spot and avoid scammers – especially when the emails claim to be coming from the Motability Scheme!

Everyday tips
Cars on road waiting in traffic jam

Car stopping distances: everything you need to know

A variety of factors such as road conditions or driver impairment can affect stopping distances – so read on for our full guide.

Auto-stopping distances

Everything you need to know about Autonomous Emergency Braking

Autonomous braking technology benefits everyone and it is particularly useful for drivers with limited mobility.

Motability Scheme customer in car

Figures show that compulsory eye tests for motorists would cut road accidents

Almost 90 per cent of drivers believe that compulsory eye tests would cut collisions and make Britain’s roads safer, figures reveal

Cruise control

Explained: Safety assistance systems

Safety technology is becoming prevalent in cars but it can be a minefield of jargon and confusing acronyms but this guide will help you out


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