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Your guide to safe winter driving

From car maintenance tips to learning how to deal with snow, fog, heavy rain and skidding, this driving guide aims to help you feel safe on the road this winter.

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Car and winter pothole on open road

How to drive safely on pothole-laden roads

Recent figures show that the number of potholes on UK roads recently reached a five-year high, increasing the danger to drivers, but also to cyclists and pedestrians. To help you understand what causes potholes, how they can put your safety at risk, and how to stay safe on our pothole-laden roads, this guide breaks down all you need to know.

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Image depicting new car safety technology such as park assist, to help drivers stay safe on the roads

Car safety technology: 10 top techs for safer driving

The car industry is always looking for ways to make driving safer with the help of smart technology. Read this article to find out the top 10 techs for safer driving in 2022.

Car on asphalt road on autumn day at park. Colored leaves lying under the wheels of the vehicle.

Your guide to a safe autumn drive

As the weather changes and autumn approaches, make sure you're driving safely with our top tips. Learn how to handle dark, wet and windy weather on the road.

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Two women driving down a road in summer

Your complete guide for safe summer driving

The summer months can mean hotter temperatures, longer journeys and higher stress levels for you and your vehicle. To stay safe on the roads, take a look at our guide to safe summer driving – including how to keep your car from overheating.

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Tired sleepy woman yawning during driving car

How to spot the signs that you’re too tired to drive

Driving while tired is a major cause of accidents, which is why it’s important to spot the signs of fatigue when going on long journeys. Keep reading to find out some of the main symptoms of driver fatigue, and what you can do to ensure your long drive goes smoothly.

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How to get used to driving a new car

Getting used to driving a new car can be tricky! With this guide, we show you how to be safe and have fun with your new wheels.

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How to avoid driving anxiety this winter

Are you confident driving in snowy, icy or wet conditions? With the shorter days and poorer weather, it's no wonder that some drivers feel anxious at this time of year. Follow these simple tips to help you feel more confident on the roads this winter.

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Scam calls, texts and emails: How to avoid them and what to do if you receive one

It's important to know what to look out for when it comes to scam emails, calls and text messages. Read this article to learn how to spot a scam and what you can do to avoid them.

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How to prevent your car from overheating this summer and beyond

As the temperatures rise this summer, you may find your car getting uncomfortably hot – and you may even worry about your engine overheating. Read this article by Nick Harper for some top tips on how to keep your car cool during the warmer weather, and what to do if your engine overheats.

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