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Car safety technology: 10 top techs for safer driving

The car industry is always looking for ways to make driving safer with the help of smart technology. Read this article by Ian Cook to see his top 10 techs for safer driving in 2021.

Woman hand inserting key in car door.

What is a car immobiliser and does my car have one?

Car immobilisers are essential to protect your car from theft. Keep reading to learn more about this vital piece of protection for your vehicle.

Tailgating car on motorway

A guide to overtaking safely on the road

Overtaking is an important manoeuvre to master safely and confidently. See tips below from our Scheme partner, the RAC.

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Icy car

Four simple car checks for safer winter driving

Getting your vehicle ready for winter doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some basic maintenance tips from Kwik Fit that can help get your car through the winter months.

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Wheel on the asphalt road

Traction control explained

Developments in the automation of traction control and braking systems have improved safety and accessibility in our cars. Read on to learn how.

Happy woman trying out a new car at a showroom

Driving your new car: tips for getting comfortable

Getting used to driving a new car can be tricky! With this guide, we show you how to be safe and have fun with your new wheels.

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Motoring technology concept image cars on a motorway.jpg

The latest car safety technology for October 2019

From eyesight driver assist technology to semi-autonomous driving, here is the latest car safety technology that has been developed

Child car seat

Guide to child seat laws in the UK

Regulations around child car seats were amended in March 2017, but are you up to date? Check out our full guide.

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Kwikfit engineer

Kwik Fit’s top tips for looking after your tyres

We asked the tyre experts at Kwik Fit for their advice and they’ve provided us with a list of 3 essential steps to help maintain your tyres.

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Car tyre in snow

Winter tyres: What you need to know

Winter tyres might be a necessary need for your car as the weather turns, find out if you might need specialist tyres this winter.

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