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Manual wheelchairs with power add-ons now available in Scotland

If you get the enhanced rate mobility part of Adult Disability Payment or higher rate mobility component of Child Disability Payment, you can now lease some exciting new mobility products through the Scheme. Read out article to find out more.

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Top tips for using public transport with a powered wheelchair or scooter

Do you need to travel on public transport with a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair? Read our tips for using trains, buses, coaches, or taxis with your Scheme mobility aid.

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Man using a car hoist to get his mobility scooter inside the car

Guide to getting your powered wheelchair or scooter into a car

Powered wheelchair user, Shona Louise, explains the best ways to safely transport your electric wheelchair or scooter into a car with ease.

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A disabled woman with a severe genetic defect in a powered wheelchair.

Maintenance tips for your powered wheelchair or scooter

Whether you use a powered electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter, having the know-how to care for your equipment means it will perform better. Use Shona's maintenance guide to help keep your mobility equipment in good condition for longer.

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We’ve announced our Motability Dealer Award winners

Every year, we collect customers' feedback and recognise the top scooter and powered wheelchair dealers on the Motability Scheme. In this article, we reveal the 2023 winners and explain how you can check if a dealer has won or been nominated for any of these awards.

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Disability writer Ian Cook driving his mobility scooter.

Guide to driving your mobility scooter

Disability writer and Scooter specialist Ian Cook goes over everything you need to know about driving your mobility scooter.

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Keeping your scooter or powered wheelchair safe and secure

Read our top tips for keeping your Motability Scheme scooter or powered wheelchair safe and secure.

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Preparing for the colder weather: advice for powered wheelchair and scooter users

When venturing out on your scooter or powered wheelchair, you should plan for whatever the cold weather may bring. Read our top tips for preparing for winter.

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Types of scooter and powered wheelchair available on the Motability Scheme

Watch our video and hear Jim Wood, who looks after our Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme, explain all about the different types of product available on the Motability Scheme.


What to expect if your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair needs a repair

Here’s a three-point plan for keeping your scooter or powered wheelchair in full working order and what to do should it need a repair.


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