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Keeping your scooter or powered wheelchair safe and secure

Read our top tips for keeping your Motability Scheme scooter or powered wheelchair safe and secure.

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Preparing for the colder weather: advice for powered wheelchair and scooter users

When venturing out on your scooter or powered wheelchair, you should plan for whatever the cold weather may bring. Read our top tips for preparing for winter.

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Types of scooter and powered wheelchair available on the Motability Scheme

Watch our video and hear Jim Wood, who looks after our Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme, explain all about the different types of product available on the Motability Scheme.

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What to expect if your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair needs a repair

Here’s a three-point plan for keeping your scooter or powered wheelchair in full working order and what to do should it need a repair.


Take a look at some innovative new mobility products we’re trialling

Watch our video to see some exciting new mobility products we're trialling, to help bring even more mobility options to Motability Scheme customers.


Tips to maximise your scooter or powered wheelchair’s battery-life

It's vital you look after your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair's battery, to keep it running smoothly. Take a look at some top tips to maximise your Scheme product's battery life.

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My accessible ramble: Exploring the countryside on a mobility scooter

Summer is a great time to explore the British countryside, but it can often be inaccessible. However, groups like the Disabled Ramblers can help you explore more of the countryside while on a mobility scooter. Read about Pippa's first experience of an accessible ramble here.


We’ve made it easier to search for scooters and powered wheelchairs on the Scheme

We recently updated the scooter and powered wheelchair search tool on our website, to help you find a suitable product more quickly. Keep reading to learn more about the changes.

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Motability Assist: The breakdown service for scooter and powered wheelchair customers

Motability Scheme customer Ms Hull tells us what happened when she broke down when out on her scooter, and how Motability Assist helped her.

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Scooter and powered wheelchair driving tips

Whether you’re driving a car or a scooter, it’s important to follow the rules of the road and practice road safety. Here are our top driving tips for scooter and powered wheelchair users.

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