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Ronald’s story: Enjoying the freedom that the Motability Scheme brings us as a family

Watch Ronald’s story to see how the Motability Scheme has enabled him and his family to continue to enjoy family life.

Lakeside view

Travelling with a disability: Meet the voyager who’s re-writing the rule book

You shouldn't feel like you can't travel abroad just because you're disabled. Check out this article about the founder of Limitless Travel.

Wheelchair basketball

How I fell in love with my wheelchair

We hope you'll enjoy this article about embracing life in a wheelchair and learning to love it.

Helen Dolphin

My experience of parenting with restricted mobility

Helen Dolphin shares some of her tips and hints with other Motability Scheme customers who may be new parents, or have a baby on the way.

Everyday tips
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Bianca’s story: the freedom to enjoy family life

Bianca, mum of three children tells us how the Motability Scheme has given her, and her family a new lease of life, enabling them to continue to go on journeys and adventures together.

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Alan’s story: How the Scheme has changed my life

Watch Alan and his wife, soul-mate and carer Julie’s story on how the Scheme has made an impact on their life.

Invictus games team

Everything you need to know about the Invictus Games

With the fourth Invictus Games taking place in Sydney this October, Rough Guides writer, Emma Field, explains everything you need to know about them.

Helen Dolphin

My Motability Scheme journey: Driving with adaptations

In the second article in her series, we asked independent mobility consultant, Helen Dolphin, to share her advice on choosing the right adaptations.

Scheme news

Jon Bolding: My journey to becoming England’s powerchair football captain

As World Cup fever strikes all over again, Rough Guides' author Emma Field talks to FA Disability Football star, Jon Bolding about his journey to becoming England's powerchair football captain.

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What difference can the Motability Scheme make?

Whether it's spending time with loved ones, exploring new places or just making daily jobs easier, customers tell us how the Motability Scheme has made a difference to their lives.


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