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Car adaptation remote control device

Could remote control devices help you?

Have you heard of remote control device adaptations? They can be really helpful for disabled drivers. Find out what they do and how.

Steering wheel

Steering adaptations explained

If you have restricted use of a traditional steering wheel, there are many different car adaptations to change the way you steer.


‘It removes stigma’: how tech breaks down barriers for disabled students

From crowded lecture halls to being away from home, university can be hard for disabled students. These new technologies are making study more accessible.

City traffic

Traffic light prediction explained

Traffic light prediction is amazing new technology being developed by Audi – it's not available yet but is an exciting glance to the future.

Rear cross traffic alert technology

What is Rear Cross Traffic Alert technology?

Have you heard of Rear Cross Traffic Alert? It's becoming more commonly available in cars available on the Motability Scheme. Find out more.

Woman crossing road

This is the latest car technology to help avoid road accidents

The technology available to help drivers avoid collisions on the road is rapidly developing. Find out more in our guide.

Pair mobile phone with vehicle

How to make the most of connected cars and protect your data

Connected cars can be extremely useful, but have you considered what might happen to your data? Find out how to protect yourself.

Car engine

Intelligent Valve Actuation (IVA) and the future of car engines

Intelligent Valve Actuation is slated to make engines as economical as diesel but far more efficient. Find out how it will work.

Alternative fuels

Alternative fuels: What’s available now and what’s being developed

We explore the options for alternative fuel and which of these are most likely to replace diesel and petrol in the future.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition cars: Where is the technology now and where is it going?

In-car speech recognition has been around for longer than other voice recognition technology, but where is this technology going?


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