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Ronald’s story: Enjoying the freedom that the Motability Scheme brings us as a family

Watch Ronald’s story to see how the Motability Scheme has enabled him and his family to continue to enjoy family life.

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Bianca’s story: the freedom to enjoy family life

Bianca, mum of three children tells us how the Motability Scheme has given her, and her family a new lease of life, enabling them to continue to go on journeys and adventures together.

Play video Zz05MDhjYjkzZmRkOTM5MTRmODM3OGE2YWQ3NGJjZDAzNw==

Steve’s Story: realising my independence

Steve has been a Motability Scheme customer for 10 years. In this video he shares with us how the Motability Scheme has given him the freedom of independence.

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Alan’s story: How the Scheme has changed my life

Watch Alan and his wife, soul-mate and carer Julie’s story on how the Scheme has made an impact on their life.


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