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Play video Motability Scheme customers

What does the Scheme mean to me?

Motability Scheme customers use three words to describe what the Scheme means to them.

Play video Urvashi's story

Urvashi’s story: It lets you enjoy life better

Urvashi tells us how the Motability Scheme has let her and her family continue to do the things they would usually do.

Play video Zz00ODA3N2FmN2QzYWNiNjMwYWU3NDZkNDYxOTg5NjJkNQ==

Barry’s story: The freedom to explore

Despite being diagnosed with motor neurone disease, Barry continues to live an adventurous life. Here he talks about how the Scheme has enabled him to continue to explore

Play video Zz0xN2UwMDE1MGQzN2M1M2Y2YWNmMzBkYmY5OWRiODM3ZA==

Ronald’s story: Enjoying the freedom that the Motability Scheme brings us as a family

Watch Ronald’s story to see how the Motability Scheme has enabled him and his family to continue to enjoy family life.

Play video Zz1kNjZiNmE0YmY0YjY5ZGEyMDJmMTVlNDM1Y2YyNWY5Mw==

Bianca’s story: the freedom to enjoy family life

Bianca, mum of three children tells us how the Motability Scheme has given her, and her family a new lease of life, enabling them to continue to go on journeys and adventures together.

Play video Zz05MDhjYjkzZmRkOTM5MTRmODM3OGE2YWQ3NGJjZDAzNw==

Steve’s Story: realising my independence

Steve has been a Motability Scheme customer for 10 years. In this video he shares with us how the Motability Scheme has given him the freedom of independence.

Play video Alan 3.png

Alan’s story: How the Scheme has changed my life

Watch Alan and his wife, soul-mate and carer Julie’s story on how the Scheme has made an impact on their life.


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