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How to stay safe and deal with the fear of going out

After so many weeks of isolation and lockdown, some people may be feeling stressed or anxious about the thought of venturing out again. Here are our top tips for overcoming the fear of going out.

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Amy Mitchell

‘Joe needs his school’: Returning to school after lockdown

Are you prepared to send your children back to school in September? We spoke to a Scheme customer about preparing for the big return.

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Six ways to prevent loneliness by connecting with others

With the current situation exacerbating feelings of isolation and loneliness, we have put together a few ideas to help connect with others.

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Feeling the heat? Here’s how to keep your car cool

Temperatures are on the rise and across the UK people are basking in the summer heat. Here are some easy tips to follow to keep your car cool.

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How to save money and fuel by ‘eco-driving’

Here are seven easy changes you can make to increase your car’s fuel efficiency, helping you to save money and protect the planet.


Post lockdown maintenance tips

As lockdown restrictions ease and we’re given the green light to use our cars more, there are a few things you can check to make sure they are and ready to go. Here’s our guide to getting your car back on the road after lockdown.


Keeping your scooter or powered wheelchair secure

Follow our top tips for keeping your scooter or powered wheelchair secure and reduce the risk of theft.

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Helen Dolphin’s guide to driving after lockdown

Now that lockdown restrictions are easing many people will be driving more. Here, Helen Dolphin explains how you can prepare for getting back on the road.

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Helen Dolphin’s guide to rail travel during Coronavirus

With restrictions being eased, people are getting out and about more and for many this means travelling by rail. Here, Helen Dolphin details what to expect as a disabled passenger if you need to get the train.

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Five accessible ways to stay connected during self-isolation

Emma Muldoon outlines five ways in which people can stay connected with family and friends while self-isolating.


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