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How to make your own Advent calendar this Christmas

Have you ever thought of making your own Advent calendar? In this article, we show you how to make your own personalised countdown to Christmas.

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All you need to know about what3words

Did you know that there is an app called what3words that can pinpoint your exact location, wherever you are in the world? Here, disability consultant Helen Dolphin explains the benefits of downloading the app today.

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Spotting a scam: How we issue refunds and payments

Unscrupulous fraudsters and scammers are using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to trick people into sharing important financial information. To help keep you safe, we wanted to explain how we make payments and issue refunds so that you can spot a potential scam.

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The advantages of regular car washing

Whether you love keeping your car spic and span or whether you think it's a chore, we all know that washing a car regularly is a good thing to do, but what are the benefits of keeping a clean car? Read on to find out!

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4 ways to get your worries under control

From 15 minutes of meditation to a dedicated "worry time", we've compiled a few quick tips to help you get your worries under control. 

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Autumn driving tips: how to stay safe on the road

As the weather changes and autumn approaches, make sure you're driving safely with our top tips.

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Five ways to make exercise part of your routine

In this article, writer Evelyn James looks at five simple ways that you can make exercise part of your daily routine.


How to stay safe and deal with the fear of going out

After so many weeks of isolation and lockdown, some people may be feeling stressed or anxious about the thought of venturing out again. Here are our top tips for overcoming the fear of going out.

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WAV maintenance tips video

In this video, Brian from Alfred Bekker API explains what you can do in between your annual WAV check to keep your WAV working at its best.

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‘Joe needs his school’: Returning to school after lockdown

Are you prepared to send your children back to school in September? We spoke to a Scheme customer about preparing for the big return.

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