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Q700 M Power Chair

New film: Q700 M Power Chair

Watch our video to learn more about Sunrise Medical’s new Q700 M power chair.

Parked cars

UK’s best cities for parking revealed

This great guide shows the cities in the UK with the most parking spaces per resident and the cheapest spaces.

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Ian Cook plays the ukelele

Indoor hobby inspiration for rainy days

Find out our tips for finding accessible indoor hobbies for this winter, from knitting to cake decorating to Ian Cook's favourite... the ukelele!

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Disabled parking blue badge holders only

Blue Badge advice from Helen Dolphin

Independent mobility consultant Helen Dolphin MBE has been heavily involved in reforming the Blue Badge scheme for the past ten years. In this article, she shares her personal experiences and provides some insight and advice about Blue Badges.

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Female Motorist Involved In Car Accident Calling Insurance Company Or Recovery Service

How your car insurance works

Have you wondered how insurance claims work with the Motability Scheme? Check out our guide to the RSAM insurance.

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Icy car

Four simple car checks for safer winter driving

Getting your vehicle ready for winter doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some basic maintenance tips from Kwik Fit that can help get your car through the winter months.

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Family in WAV

Travelling in comfort in your WAV

Making sure you can travel in comfort should be high on the list of priorities when choosing a WAV. This article explains what to look out for.

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Checking windscreen wipers

Windscreen and wiper maintenance

Do you regularly check and clean your windscreen wipers and check for chips? Read our guide to make sure your windscreen is clean and secure

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Happy woman trying out a new car at a showroom

Driving your new car: tips for getting comfortable

Getting used to driving a new car can be tricky! With this guide, we show you how to be safe and have fun with your new wheels.

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Woman packing bag

What’s in my travel bag?

Blogger and Motability Scheme customer Sarah Alexander, from Sarah Lex, reveals the essential items that she packs in her travel bag.

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