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ABS Emergency braking tracks

How to avoid your car skidding while driving – and what to do if it does

With winter comes puddles, black ice and snow on the roads. Make sure you know exactly how to handle a vehicle when skidding - it could save your life.

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Car on asphalt road on autumn day at park. Colored leaves lying under the wheels of the vehicle.

Autumn driving tips: how to stay safe on the road

As the weather changes and autumn approaches, make sure you're driving safely with our top tips.

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Keeping your scooter or powered wheelchair secure

Follow our top tips for keeping your scooter or powered wheelchair secure and reduce the risk of theft.

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Essentials including maps and a drink travel with Sarah in her Motability Scheme car.

Things I always keep in my car

Sarah Alexander-Georgeson shares her list of essentials that she keeps in her Scheme car at all times. How many do you keep in your car?

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Range is more than just a number

While all scooters and powered wheelchairs are given a maximum range, the actual distance your product can travel on a single charge will vary. Find out why.

map of long distance hilly route for an electric car or electric vehicle

Can you drive long distances in an electric car?

We know electric cars are suitable for shorter journeys, but what about driving longer distances? In this video we join David, a Motability Scheme specialist from Nissan Liverpool as he takes the Nissan Leaf from Liverpool to Holyhead, to dispel some of the myths surrounding range anxiety.


Disability aids recommended by disabled people

Chloe Tear reveals the best aids and equipment recommended by the disabled community. From rollators to stool attachments, discover the best mobility aids for you.

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Car prepared for long journey parked by motorway.

How to make sure your car is road-ready ahead of the summer holidays

With people beginning to use their cars more after months of restrictions, it is a good idea to refamiliarise ourselves with our cars maintanence needs. This article from PA Motoring Services has highlighted some basic checks we should all do before hitting the road.

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Driving Long Distances

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, some of you may be considering trips further afield and driving longer distances for the first time in a while. Here Sarah Alexendar tells us how she’s preparing for her long-awaited trips to see family.

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Hayfever makes driving hard for all drivers

How to stay safe if you're driving with hayfever

With hayfever season upon us, many people are suffering from symptoms that could make driving difficult. Here are some tips to help overcome any issues.

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