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Money-saving tips and discounts: advice from a Scheme customer

Disability blogger and Scheme customer Emma Muldoon shares her advice for saving money, including some discounts and tips that can add up to big savings. Keep reading to find out more.

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5 accessibility apps to help you stay mobile

Mobile apps can be a great help when planning a journey or looking for accessible venues to visit. Here, disability journalist Ian Cook has tried out 5 apps to help you stay mobile – read his reviews here.

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How to get a better night’s sleep

To mark the forthcoming World Sleep Day, we've put together a list of a few things you can do to encourage a better night’s sleep.

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Close Up Of Woman Holding Smart Energy Meter In Kitchen Measuring Energy Efficiency

Energy saving tips: Small ways to lower your energy consumption

In April 2022 the price of energy will increase by 54 per cent, which will impact households across the UK. Read this article by Ian Cook to learn about small changes that can help you reduce your energy usage.

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What does an electric car need when it comes to maintenance?

Whether you drive an electric car or are considering getting one, it's worth knowing about these important maintenance checks. Read these tips by Jack Evans from PA Motoring Service to learn more.


Spotting a scam: How we issue refunds and payments

Unscrupulous fraudsters and scammers are using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to trick people into sharing important financial information. To help keep you safe, we wanted to explain how we make payments and issue refunds so that you can spot a potential scam.

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Woman changing damaged wheel and fixing it

How to avoid your car tyre bursting – and what to do if it does

A tyre burst can be one of the most frightening experiences for any driver, whether a novice or an experienced motorist. So, it makes sense to know how to handle the worst should it happen. It's also good to take a moment and follow a few simple steps to avoid these scary situations and prevent them happening in the first place.

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Staying warm whilst out and about

Staying warm in winter is sometimes easier said than done, especially if you're a powered wheelchair or scooter user. If you're planning on having a day out, here’s five things we recommend taking to keep you cosy.

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3d rendering group of EV charging stations or electric vehicle recharging stations

EV street charging: a user guide

For some time, electric vehicles have faced a limited range of travel and a lack of places to charge. With the number of fully electric and hybrid vehicles on the road increasing, the UK’s charging network has also expanded significantly.

ABS Emergency braking tracks

How to avoid your car skidding while driving – and what to do if it does

With winter comes puddles, black ice and snow on the roads. Make sure you know exactly how to handle a vehicle when skidding - it could save your life.

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