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There are a number of adaptations available on the Scheme designed to help with driving, accessing a car or stowing a scooter or wheelchair. In this article we take a look at some of the driving adaptations that are available on the Scheme.

What is a push/pull hand control?

A push/pull hand control allows a driver to operate the brake and accelerator using their hands. This type of adaptation is suited for those with limited mobility or strength in their legs. 

Push/pull hand controls can be fitted in one of two ways: either steering column mounted or floor mounted. In both cases, you would pull the hand control to accelerate and push to brake.

With so many adaptations available it can be hard to know where to start, to make it slightly easier we’ve created the videos below to show you how our most popular push/pull devices work:



This adaptation allows full movement of the steering wheel; this helps if you have multiple named drivers on your car as you can adjust the steering wheel accordingly.



The Brig-Ayd hand control has a trigger throttle; the throttle can be moved with your finger, It’s especially beneficial for those whose with limited mobility who get tired after a long journey.

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The push/pull  is a simple, single lever device, which you pull to accelerate and push to break; it also has an indicator switch. 



The Elap hand control is floor-mounted, so there are no rods in the way of the driver’s legs.  



This push/pull device has an electronic accelerator, this means it only needs minimal pressure making it light and simple to use.

Want to find out more? 

To find out more about adaptations, including which are available on the Motability Scheme and how to get them, then please click below.

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If you need help finding out which adaptations would best suit your needs then get in contact with your local adaptations installer, who should be able to help.

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Independent advice

If you’ve never driven with an adaptation before, it may be worth visiting a Driving Mobility assessment centre. Driving Mobility has centres across the UK and can help determine which adaptations would best suit your particular needs.

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