Enhancements to PIP Transitional Support Package

The Minister for Disabled People and Health, Penny Mordaunt, has today announced changes to the support provided by Motability to customers on the Motability Scheme who are not entitled to the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP following a reassessment from DLA to PIP and, as a result can no longer use the Scheme.

When the DWP started the programme of reassessments to move recipients from DLA to PIP, Motability put in place a transitional support package to help these customers retain mobility. Over the last few months, DWP and Motability have been working closely together to explore further ways of helping disabled people.

A key focus of this work has been how best to support those Motability Scheme customers who will lose their cars during the process of any reconsideration or appeal.

As a result further enhancements to the support given to customers affected by reassessment are now available.

What has changed:

Scheme customers who are required to return their car due to an unsuccessful PIP assessment are now allowed to retain their car for eight weeks after their DLA payments have ended. Previously this period was restricted to three weeks.

Alternatively, for customers who joined the Scheme before the end of 2013, they can choose to keep their car for 26 weeks after their last DLA payment; however if customers choose this option, the level of transitional support payment will be reduced.

We hope that this change will provide additional time to find suitable alternative mobility arrangements for customers leaving the Scheme following an unsuccessful PIP reassessment.

For more information on the transitional support package please see our information on unsuccessful PIP reassessment.


From the Motability Scheme


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