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Motability Scheme customer reading Price Guide

10 things to help you decide if the Motability Scheme is right for you

We've highlighted a few things that people often want to talk to us about before deciding if the Scheme is for them.

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stress awareness month

5 quick and easy ways to lower your stress

In this article we've put together a list of five proven methods to help keep your worries at bay.

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GettyImages-892046872 (1).jpg

The importance of routine during self-isolation

In this article, disability blogger Emma Muldoon considers the importance of a daily routine and gives her top-tips on how to stick to one.

car 2 cmp.jpg

Looking after your car during lockdown

Richard Aucock, from Motoring Research, explains how best to look after your car when it's not being used. Read his tips here.

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Empty to do list and pencil on color background

Sarah’s Anti To-Do List

Sarah Alexander explains how she's changed her 'to-do' list into a 'done' list and, in turn, improved her mental well-being.

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Helen cooking cmp lead 2.jpg

Helen Dolphin’s 10 things to do in self-isolation

Helen Dolphin has been self-isolating due to the Coronavirus. Here, she gives her top tips for keeping busy during these difficult times.

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How Sarah Alexander is keeping busy during self-isolation

Disability blogger and Motability Scheme customer, Sarah Alexander, explains how she's keeping herself busy during isolation.

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Sarah's Dogs

Pet therapy and mental health

Sarah Alexander is a disability and lifestyle blogger, as well as a Motability Scheme customer. In this article, Sarah discusses the importance of her dogs and how they help her mental health.

Down House Gardens

Five accessible spots for rainy days

Rough Guides writer Emma Field has found five accessible activities to keep you entertained and dry on those inevitable rainy days!

Motability 2010 Customer Photoshoot

Motability Assist: The breakdown service for scooter and powered wheelchair customers

Motability Scheme customer Ms Hull tells us her story about what happened when she broke down when out on her scooter, and how Motability Assist helped her.

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