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Mature man driving car with teenage son

Can I drive with autism?

Driving with autism and how the Motability Scheme may be able to help

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Ian exercising accessible gym equipment.jpg

The benefits of exercise and how to do it with a disability

Being disabled doesn't mean you can't exercise. We give tips for getting fit with a disability, from getting started to which sport to do.

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maintenance tips CMP.jpg

WAV maintenance tips video

In this video, Brian from Alfred Bekker API explains what you can do in between your annual WAV check to keep your WAV working at its best.

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Automatic gearbox.jpg

Changing from a manual car to an automatic: how to ensure a smooth transmission

Automatic cars are becoming more accessible and popular. This guide gives tips for making the transition from a manual to an automatic.

Motability Scheme customer reading Price Guide

10 things to help you decide if the Motability Scheme is right for you

We've highlighted a few things that people often want to talk to us about before deciding if the Scheme is for them.

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Helen Dolphin bling cmp.jpg

Decorating your mobility aids for Christmas

In this article, independent mobility consultant Helen Dolphin discusses ways in which you can decorate your mobility aids for the holiday season, including using wheelchair lights and festive stickers. 

Senior man driving.jpg

Driving after a stroke: what you need to know

We discuss how our tailored, worry-free vehicle lease could help overcome some of the difficulties of driving while recovering from a stroke

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Sarah Alexander's top Christmas tips

Preparing for the festivities

Lifestyle blogger and Motability Scheme customer Sarah Alexander advises on how she prepares for the holiday season, making sure she listens to her body and doesn't overdo it.

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Keeping warm

Sarah Alexander’s top 10 tips for staying warm

Disability and lifestyle blogger Sarah Alexander reveals her top tips for staying warm during the colder months when venturing outside.

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Parked cars

UK’s best cities for parking revealed

This great guide shows the cities in the UK with the most parking spaces per resident and the cheapest spaces.

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