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Blue Badge expiry: Sarah’s experience and renewal advice

The Blue Badge system helps many disabled people maintain a mobile and independent life, through access to accessible public parking. Scheme customer Sarah explains what happened when her Blue Badge expired, and shares some tips for renewing it.

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Top tips to care for your car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle’s battery

Cars and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) need their batteries to stay charged in order to perform properly. So to help reduce the risk of issues occurring, we’ve put together some top tips for looking after your vehicle’s battery – check them out here.

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Father running with disabled son in wheelchair

Carers: a 360 guide to better living

As a carer, it's important to take care of yourself and reach out for help when needed. Read this article to discover insider tips from other carers.

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Motability Scheme customer reading Price Guide

10 things to help you decide if the Motability Scheme is right for you

We've highlighted a few things that people often want to talk to us about before deciding if the Scheme is for them.

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Tailgating car on motorway

A guide to overtaking safely on the road

Overtaking is an important manoeuvre to master safely and confidently. See tips below from our Scheme partner, the RAC.

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Thermometer on snow shows temperature drop below zero

Preparing for the colder weather: advice for powered wheelchair and scooter users

When venturing out on your scooter or powered wheelchair, you should plan for whatever the weather may bring. Read our top tips for preparing for winter.

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Woman charging electric car and making time adjustment on a smartphone

6 ways to maximise your electric vehicle’s driving range

Understanding how to take care of your electric car's battery is key to boosting its performance and increasing its range. Read this article for 6 top tips on how you can make the most of your EV and drive further on every charge.

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WC navigation sign in a public place

RADAR Keys explained: What are they, where can I use them and how do I get one?

Independent mobility consultant, Helen Dolphin MBE, explains what RADAR keys are, how they work and how you can get one if you have a disability.

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Car driving at night

Driving in the dark - tips on how to stay safe

To help you and others stay safe, Scheme Partner, The RAC have put together an essential guide packed full of advice on driving in the dark.

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Motability Scheme customer on mobility scooter

5 winter tips for scooters and powered wheelchairs

If you are a user of a scooter or powered wheelchair, here are some preparation tips to help you stay safe during the winter months.

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