Range of 5 cars available on the Motability Scheme price list

Latest Motability Scheme Price List 2024 – Explore great value for money in our range of cars

We’ve updated our price list for July to September 2024. This quarter, there are over 900 cars, giving you a wide choice of great value for money options including our full lease package. Our next price list will be released on 1 October 2024. Remember, prices can go up as well as down.

With manufacturers prioritising the production of electric vehicles (EVs) to meet the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate, there will be fewer petrol and diesel cars available in the new car market. As a result, we expect prices will continue to increase for petrol and diesel models.  

You’ll notice that prices are rising across the entire car industry, so it’s important to find the best value for money option for you. With the Motability Scheme, you are getting more than a brand-new car, you’re getting access to our full worry-free lease package. This package includes breakdown cover, insurance, tyres, servicing, and more. We’ll also arrange and cover the cost of a home chargepoint with standard installation for your first EV lease, and access to Motability Go Charge to support with public charging.   

Discover our latest pricing spotlight to see what you could save compared to other leasing companies, offering you the best value for money on a wide range of vehicles, such as the Jeep Avenger, Seat Arona, and the Peugeot 3008. 

Explore the rise in EVs

You’ll see manufacturers are shifting their attention to creating more EVs as they work towards the UK Government’s ZEV Mandate. This sets out rules that 80% of vehicles will need to be electric by 2030. Manufacturers will face huge fines if they fail to comply. Motoring expert, Richard Aucock, shares more on the rise in EVs.

Explore our electric car options

There are now over 50,000 Motability Scheme customers who have an EV. This number is expected to grow as manufacturers produce more electric cars to replace petrol and diesel models.  

As more EVs are on the road, technology and the number of public chargepoints has improved to keep up with the increasing demand. According to Zapmap, the UK saw a 47% increase in public chargepoints between May 2023 and March 2024, totalling over 59,000. They predict the UK will have 100,000 charging stations by August 2025. 

The Scheme now offers over 225 electric cars, including a wider selection of new models from a number of manufacturers. 


Let’s go electric, together

When you lease an EV through the Scheme, you can enjoy our worry-free package that includes access to Motability Go Charge. This is our new way to help you charge on the go as it gives you access to over 45,000 chargepoints, all with a single app and card.

We’ll also arrange and cover the cost of a home chargepoint and a standard installation when you get your first electric car on the Scheme, subject to suitability.

If you cannot get a home chargepoint, we’ll give you a subscription to the bp pulse network, which is the UK’s largest public charging network.

Discover cars that cost less than your total allowance

Citroen C3, 1.2 PureTech Plus 5dr being driven on the road

There are some leases where you can choose to use just some of your allowance. This means you can spend the rest of your allowance as you want, including if it goes up in the future. 

This is known as a fixed or ‘constant’ lease.

Your total allowance and weekly rental amount might be the same right now. If so, we’ll receive all of your allowance. If your allowance increases, you’ll receive the difference between your weekly rental payment and your total allowance from your allowance provider.

Choose from over 60 cars with no Advance Payment

Suzuki S-Cross, 1.4 Boosterjet 48V Hybrid Motion 5dr being driven on a country road

You can choose a lease that uses all of your allowance. This is known as a variable lease. With these, we’ll always receive your total mobility allowance, even if it goes up during your lease.

You will not need an Advance Payment, this means you will not need to pay anything upfront.

High-spec cars with an Advance Payment

Vauxhall Mokka, 115kW GS 54kWh 5dr Auto parked outside a building

You can increase your choice of cars by paying a one-off, non-refundable upfront payment which we call an Advance Payment. The Advance Payment covers the difference between your allowance payments and the cost of the car during your lease.

We work hard to keep your Advance Payment affordable. And we give you money back at the end of your lease if you look after your vehicle.

With over 225 electric cars available this quarter, you’ll find a good selection of long-range vehicles (above 250 miles), small to medium SUV cars, and popular brands to choose from.

The latest cars mean the latest tech

Remember, you’ll get more than a brand-new car and our worry-free package which includes breakdown cover, servicing, and insurance for up to three drivers, you’ll get to enjoy all the latest features and tech too.

Interested in joining the Scheme?

Enjoy everyday freedom with a brand-new, reliable vehicle on the Motability Scheme. Simply exchange your qualifying mobility allowance for a brand-new car, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), scooter or powered wheelchair and our worry-free package.

Remember, every lease comes with a full package:

  • Insurance for up to three drivers (this does not have to be you) 
  • Full RAC breakdown assistance
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Plus a lot more, see what you’ll get in in our worry-free package

Am I eligible?

You need to receive one of these qualifying mobility allowances, with at least 12 months left, to be eligible to join the Motability Scheme.

How to join

Ready to join the 700,000 people across the UK already enjoying a worry-free Motability Scheme lease? Find out how to join now.

Want to learn more?

We can also send you a free information pack about how the Scheme works. You can request one below:


And be sure to stay in the loop with the latest Scheme news, by signing up to our monthly e-newsletter. We’ll keep you updated with the latest cars on the Scheme, plus other everyday tips and useful accessibility information.

Prices and features of car models shown are correct at the time of printing and may be subject to adjustments or withdrawal in the event of any changes taking place which affect the cost of provision of the lease agreement. The wider car market is experiencing longer delivery times and availability issues with some makes and models and customers are advised to discuss this with their dealer at the point of application. Prices shown are valid for recipients of the HRMC of the DLA, and ERMC of PIP making an application between 01/07/2024 and 30/09/2024, but may be subject to change. Customers are advised to check any specifically required vehicle features with their dealer at the point of application. All vehicles shown are for illustrative purposes only. 

*This is the amount of your higher rate mobility allowance which will continue to be paid to you by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This amount is based on the weekly allowance rate of £75.50 (as of 8 April 2024) and will increase if the DWP makes its annual allowance increase.

Prices for cars which state ‘Total Mobility Allowance’ mean that all of your weekly higher rate mobility allowance, including any increases, is paid to Motability Operations Limited. All Miles Per Gallon (MPG) values quoted are based on the WLTP test results – see manufacturer website for most up-to-date data. MPG figures may not reflect real-life driving results and are for comparison purposes only. Motability Operations Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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