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Transferring adaptations to your next Motability Scheme car

For some customers, being able to adapt a Motability Scheme car so that it fits their needs is one of the biggest benefits of the Scheme. While many of our most popular adaptations have been available at no extra cost for some time, we’ve recently launched an initiative to increase the number of adaptations that can be transferred from one Scheme car to another, either at no extra cost or at a significantly lower cost than having to order new adaptations each time.

Our aim is to provide affordable, worry-free motoring and where adaptations can be used on your next Motability Scheme car, we are working to make it possible to transfer them. This includes the majority of our adaptations to assist with accessing a car and stowing a wheelchair or scooter.

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As you would expect, our priority is to ensure that any adaptation safely meets your needs for the full length of the lease. So, we will only allow adaptations to be transferred if they are less than three and a half years at the time of transfer. There are also some restrictions on which adaptations can be transferred. For example, we are not able to offer transfers on driving adaptations due to the way they are tailored to each car on installation.

Your adaptations installer will be able to let you know which of your adaptations can be transferred to your next vehicle. When it comes to placing the order for your next car, your dealer will need to add the relevant “transfer kit” to your application to enable the transfer to be made.

We hope that by enabling customers to transfer some of the more expensive adaptations, the Scheme will provide a more affordable way to meet your needs over the course of two leases.

Simple. Reliable. Affordable. The Motability Scheme enables disabled people and their families to access a brand-new car or scooter, by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease the vehicle of their choice. Find out more:

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