Motability Scheme social media community: Being kind and respectful

We have updated our community guidelines for our social media channels. Read more below. 

The Motability Scheme social media platforms are a fun and informative place where you can get all the latest updates, ask questions and have discussions with other people who are interested in the Motability Scheme.

We have updated our community guidelines for Facebook and Twitter, to help keep  everyone safe online. We ask you to be kind, caring and respectful to others. Please take a moment to read the below social media guidelines to help us continue creating a positive environment online.

Page monitoring hours:

All comments, messages and posts are reviewed regularly, and we aim to reply to all questions where possible. We’ll do our best to respond quickly, however some more complicated questions may take longer for us to answer as we want to provide the most accurate and up to date information.

Our team is available to answer questions or respond to posts between Monday and Friday, 9am-5:00pm.

If you need to get in touch with us about your car, scooter or powered wheelchair lease, please contact our Customer Services team by sending a direct message on Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively you can contact the team here

Sharing personal information:

Please remember that both Twitter and Facebook are public platforms, so don’t share anything that you may not want other people to see, for example your address, phone number or car registration number.

In order to try and help with a query, Customer Services may ask you to share your telephone number or postcode, via a private message.

We will never ask you to share personal information on the page directly and if someone does, please report the user.

Respecting others:

Our social media pages exist to help us engage with you and to provide up to date and useful information, as well as a platform for customers to interact with each other. We always value your feedback but will not tolerate any posts that could be offensive to someone else. In order to protect the interests of visitors and followers on our social media pages, any offensive posts, or those containing offensive language, will be deleted and reported to the online platform. We really hope that we will never have to block a user, however we will block anyone who breaks these guidelines.

What to post:

If you would like to post on our social media pages, we would love to see posts along the lines of…

  • Comments, videos, photos and questions that keep the conversations flowing and encourage interaction between users
  • Sharing your thoughts, feedback, ideas and experiences.
  • Advice and tips to others but bearing in mind that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions.

Which posts will be removed or reported:

  • Sharing inaccurate information about the Motability Scheme that may cause undue harm or concern to our customers
  • Including personal or sensitive information on the public page. Only share this when direct messaging the Customer Services team.
  • Posts which are abusive, slanderous, threatening or discriminatory in any way.
  •  Use words which could cause offense or use offensive language.
  • Trolling or being deliberately disruptive towards other users or Motability Scheme team members.
  • No spam will be tolerated. It disrupts sharing of useful information and resources which aid our community.
  • If you share downloadable files or links which contain viruses or could be damaging to anyone’s computers or devices.

If you do not wish to comply with these guidelines, we ask you not to post or comment on our Facebook or Twitter page.

We would like to highlight that although these channels are closely monitored, we cannot guarantee posts made on this page by other users will be correct all of the time and we are not responsible for any inaccurate information that may appear on this page.

We reserve the right to amend these guidelines at any time.

Thanks for your support, we look forward to hearing from you on the page!


From the Motability Scheme


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