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Car mechanic

Everything you need to know about servicing your Motability Scheme car

Servicing is a very important part of keeping your car in top condition. We spoke to a Scheme dealer to answer some questions about it.

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Motability Scheme customers

Lifestyle Magazine: Our free quarterly customer magazine

We hope that when you placed your application, you took advantage of the offer of Lifestyle, our free quarterly customer magazine.

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Motability Scheme customers

Everything you need to know about named drivers on the Motability Scheme

We often get queries from customers during their lease about who can drive their car, so here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Focus on driving adaptations: push/pull hand controls

Find out about BAS' new push/pull brake/accelerator hand control, which is now available on the Motability Scheme.

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Flat tyre

What should you do if you get a puncture while driving?

Getting a puncture while driving can be extremely stressful. Here's the best way to stay calm and get help

Everyday tips
Helen Dolphin

Choosing my next Motability Scheme car

Helen Dolphin shares her experience of how she went about choosing the right car to suit her needs.

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Find out how to join the Motability Scheme

The Motability Scheme helps you to get mobile by exchanging your mobility allowance to lease a new car, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, scooter or powered wheelchair.

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Knowing your tyre size

Whether they’ve become worn with age or you’ve discovered a puncture, if you find you are in need of a new tyre, the first thing you’ll need to know when replacing it is your tyre size.

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Helen Dolphin

My Motability Scheme experience

Helen tells us about her experience over the past 19 years and how, due to her needs changing, she left the Scheme, before re-joining again.

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Correction to the Personal Independence Payment article in Lifestyle magazine

We have noticed a misprint in the PIP article on page 6 of the latest Lifestyle magazine (November 2018 edition).

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