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Woman changing damaged wheel and fixing it

How to avoid your car tyre bursting – and what to do if it does

A tyre burst can be one of the most frightening experiences for any driver, whether a novice or an experienced motorist. So, it makes sense to know how to handle the worst should it happen. It's also good to take a moment and follow a few simple steps to avoid these scary situations and prevent them happening in the first place.

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Shona Louise: Passing my driving test

Shona is a Scheme customer who has been learning to drive her Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). In this article, she discusses her experience of passing her driving theory and practical tests after lessons with a disability-confident driving instructor.


My favourite Scottish drives: an accessible road trip at the Three Lochs Forest Drive

Your Motability Scheme car gives you the freedom to travel and explore new places. In this article, Scottish disability blogger and Scheme customer Emma Muldoon discusses one of her favourite accessible road trips around the Three Lochs Forest Drive.


Car safety technology: 10 top techs for safer driving in 2021

The car industry is always looking for ways to make driving safer with the help of smart technology. Read this article by Ian Cook to see his top 10 techs for safer driving in 2021.


Back on the Road After 11 Months

Getting back on the road after a period of not driving can feel a little daunting. Sarah Alexander-Georgeson, a disability and lifestyle blogger, shares her experience of getting back on the road after 11 months of not driving.

Woman leans over her car as she checks the oil.

The UK’s most Googled motoring problems revealed

Uncertain of how to take care of your car? Join the thousands of other Brits who are turning to Google for answers. Read this article to find out more.

ABS Emergency braking tracks

How to avoid your car skidding while driving – and what to do if it does

With winter comes puddles, black ice and snow on the roads. Make sure you know exactly how to handle a vehicle when skidding - it could save your life.

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map of long distance hilly route for an electric car or electric vehicle

Can you drive long distances in an electric car?

We know electric cars are suitable for shorter journeys, but what about driving longer distances? In this video we join David, a Motability Scheme specialist from Nissan Liverpool as he takes the Nissan Leaf from Liverpool to Holyhead, to dispel some of the myths surrounding range anxiety.

Fuel pump symbolising concerns over E10 fuel shortage.

‘No need to panic’ about E10 fuel arriving next month, says AA

As E10 is becoming the standard petrol grade in Great Britain, the AA is warning drivers not panic-buy this fuel when it arrives next month. Find out more.


Driving posture: are you sitting comfortably?

75% of drivers suffer from back pain because they drive in the wrong driving posture. Read our tips on how to choose the right position for driving.

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