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Woman driving an EV checking its safety features

EVs are really safe and this is why

Motoring expert Mark Smyth explains why electric vehicles (EVs) are safe to drive, highlighting their safety features and addressing common concerns.

Person using their phone while their EV is charging publicly

How to plan a long trip with an electric vehicle

Planning a long journey in your electric vehicle? Read these helpful tips to help you for your journey, including advice on route planning, public charging, and more.

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Couple choosing car to buy in dealership receiving car keys for a car from the salesman.

Guide to navigating the choice of new cars

Independent motoring expert, Richard Aucock, explains all the different things to consider when choosing your new car with the Motability Scheme.

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Regenerative braking controls on a car

What is regenerative braking?

Independent motoring expert, Richard Aucock, explains all you need to know about regenerative braking.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear on car with Blind Spot Assist Warning LED Sensor Light

A guide to checking your blind spots when you drive

Avoiding blind spots while we are driving is essential for keeping us safe on the road. This guide will help you identify those blind spots to help you drive more safely on every journey.

Motability Scheme customers

Everything you need to know about your drivers on the Motability Scheme

We often get queries from customers during their lease about who can drive their car, so here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Your guide to safe winter driving

From car maintenance tips to learning how to deal with snow, fog, heavy rain and skidding, this driving guide aims to help you feel safe on the road this winter.

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Car and winter pothole on open road

How to drive safely on pothole-laden roads

Recent figures show that the number of potholes on UK roads recently reached a five-year high, increasing the danger to drivers, but also to cyclists and pedestrians. To help you understand what causes potholes, how they can put your safety at risk, and how to stay safe on our pothole-laden roads, this guide breaks down all you need to know.

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Image depicting new car safety technology such as park assist, to help drivers stay safe on the roads

Car safety technology: 10 top techs for safer driving

The car industry is always looking for ways to make driving safer with the help of smart technology. Read this article to find out the top 10 techs for safer driving in 2022.

Car on asphalt road on autumn day at park. Colored leaves lying under the wheels of the vehicle.

Your guide to a safe autumn drive

As the weather changes and autumn approaches, make sure you're driving safely with our top tips. Learn how to handle dark, wet and windy weather on the road.

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