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Driving tests resume in England with huge backlog

Driving tests have restarted with a huge backlog after hundreds of thousands were delayed or cancelled due to the coronavirus lockdown. Read on for more.

Driving at night

Thousands of young motorists failing to practise driving in the dark

Up to 100,000 driving test candidates may be taking their test each year without having practised in the dark. Find out more here.

New driver's red 'L' sign

Driving test change to boost accessibility

Video clips are to replace written scenarios in UK driving theory tests to make them more accessible. Read this article to find out more.

Woman eating whilst driving

Myth-busting: Things you might not know are illegal to do in your car

Did you know that driving with a pet in the car is illegal if they're not strapped in securely? Find out what else could get you in trouble.

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