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How the BBC is helping with homeschooling

The BBC has launched a new initiative to ensure children can access curriculum-based learning, without needing internet access. Read on for more details!

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25 Years of the Disability Discrimination Act: Past, Present & Future

To mark 25 years of the Disability Discrimination Act, we look at how it started, what it means now, and how the law may need to evolve in the years ahead.

you can order a new car now if your lease was extended over lockdown

Driving with Cerebral Palsy

Journalist Chloe Tear and actress Cara Readle are both Scheme customers, and both have Cerebral Palsy. They discussed their experience with CP and how this affects their ability to drive.

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Helen Dolphin’s 10 things to do in self-isolation

Helen Dolphin has been self-isolating due to the Coronavirus. Here, she gives her top tips for keeping busy during these difficult times.

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Watch the Motability Scheme car share

Watch Motability Scheme customers, Angela and Sonja, talk about Will Smith, beating the sat nav and their dream cars.

The concept is to listen to audiobooks.

The benefits of audiobooks for people with disabilities and carers

Audiobooks offer an accessible way to read if you find it difficult to hold a book and they’re great for carers. Read on to find out more.

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TV shows with great disability representation

Disability representation on TV is really improving. Here is a collection of some of the best portrayals of disabled characters on British TV.

Ian Cook plays the ukelele

Indoor hobby inspiration for rainy days

Find out our tips for finding accessible indoor hobbies for this winter, from knitting to cake decorating to Ian Cook's favourite... the ukelele!

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Mobility scooters

Test drive: Class 3 scooters put to the test

In our next instalment of mobility scooter reviews, our reviewer tests out four Class 3 scooters to help you decide what's best for you.

Ali Stroker

Ali Stroker Makes History As First Wheelchair User To Win Tony Award

Ali Stroker, winner of the Tony Award for Best Actress this year, brought the topic of disability representation to the main stage in her acceptance speech.


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