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Scooter and powered wheelchair dealers awarded for outstanding customer service

These are the results of the Motability Scheme's awards to recognise outstanding customer service by scooter and powered wheelchair dealers. Read more to find out the winners.

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How dealerships support you during your lease

Our powered wheelchair and scooter customers don't just benefit from a brand-new product every thee-years. Motability Scheme customers benefit from a worry-free lease package, including support from expert dealerships.

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Shona Louise: Driving assessment and choosing a vehicle

In this article, Shona’s 2nd in a series about her experience of joining the Motability Scheme, Shona explains her driving assessment and how it’s helped her to pick the best vehicle for her needs.


Test Drive: Class 2 and Class 3 scooter reviews

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic Ian Cook has been unable to conduct new scooter and powered wheelchair reviews. Here we look at some of his previous reviews on popular Class 2 and Class 3 scooters which are all currently available on the Motability Scheme

Thermometer on snow shows temperature drop below zero

Preparing for the colder weather

When venturing out on your scooter or powered wheelchair, you should plan for whatever the weather may bring. Read our top tips for preparing for winter.

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Motability Scheme customer

How to make small changes and big savings on your energy bills

Everyone uses electricity, but charging a scooter or powered wheelchair can make your bills add up. These tips show how you can save energy.

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Terminally ill cricket umpire raises £12,500 to buy powered wheelchair

Cricket umpire, and Motability Scheme customer, John McIntear raised over £12,000 to buy a powered wheelchair after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Read on for more.


10 years of the Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme

We’ve been running the Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme for 10 years. During this time our customer numbers have risen to over 16,500 and our customer satisfaction levels have continued to improve! Read more here.

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Test Drive: scooter and powered wheelchair review round up

In this feature, we have a round up of reviews of some of the most popular Motability Scheme scooters and powered wheelchairs that Ian Cook has previously tested


Top powered wheelchair and scooter friendly towns across the UK

Rough Guides author Emma Bowler has selected some excellent locations that are suitable for travel on your Motability Scheme scooter or powered wheelchair, to give you inspiration for some exciting days out in the UK this summer.


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