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How vehicle supply issues are impacting the Motability Scheme

Watch our video which explains how the ongoing supply issues in the automotive industry are impacting the Motability Scheme and its customers.

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Valentina’s experience driving an electric car

Valentina and her daughter, Ana, recently joined the Motability Scheme and opted for a fully electric Renault Zoe as their first car. Watch our video to find out what they think of their new vehicle.


‘I play the same CD over and over again!’

The power of music is undeniable, and often a good playlist in the car can make or break your journey. In this video, we spoke to different Scheme customers to find out what they listen to while driving. What do you like to listen to?


Social distancing measures at dealerships – watch the video

We’ve had lots of questions about what it’s like to visit a dealership at the moment, so we spoke to one of our dealers to find out for you. Watch our new video to see what to expect if you’re planning to visit a dealership.


Watch the Motability Scheme car share

Watch Motability Scheme customers, Angela and Sonja, talk about Will Smith, beating the sat nav and their dream cars.


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