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5 accessible family activities to do this Easter

While it’s exciting to spend quality time with your family during the Easter breaks, it can often feel overwhelming to make plans to keep everyone entertained. This can be especially difficult when finding accessible activities. That’s why we’re sharing some practical ideas to give you some ideas for the upcoming Easter break. 

We all know the UK weather can be unpredictable. So, whether it’s rainy or sunny, we’ve got you covered with five versatile activities that can be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors, but with accessibility in mind. From inclusive Easter egg hunts to delicious baking sessions, these activities cater to a range of preferences and can be as affordable as you would like them to be.  

Let’s explore these options to make this Easter break memorable for you and your family.  

Easter egg hunt (indoors or outdoors) 

Easter egg hunts are a classic activity that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. To make it inclusive, consider doing some of the following things to suit  everyone’s needs:  

  • Make it a sensory experience by including colourful eggs, different textures, and adding battery-powered sounds so they can be located easier 
  • Keep the eggs at eye level  to avoid the need to reach for lower places. If you are not able to do this, consider providing a reacher/grabber tool
  • If your Easter egg hunt is outside, double-check that this is in an accessible area with ramps, if needed 
  • If there are wheelchair users, consider attaching a basket to their chair  

Explore local community groups for organised Easter egg hunts if you cannot organise your own.

Easter Baking (indoors)

Baking together can be a nice way to spend some quality time indoors. This is a great activity to do when the weather is not very nice. You can then  either save your baked treats for a hopeful picnic on a sunnier day or cosy up and watch an Easter movie. 

From carrot cakes to chocolate birds’ nests, there are plenty of recipes to choose from. Many of the recipes on BBC Good Food are easy to follow and require some basic ingredients which could be laying around the cupboards already.

Extra tip: Make it even more enjoyable by incorporating DIY toppers as a fun craft activity. 

Grandmother baking with children

Head to the beach (outdoors)

A trip to the beach can be a fantastic outing for the whole family during the sunnier spring days. Even if it’s not the warmest weather, it is a nice way to explore somewhere near or visit somewhere you love returning to without the crowds that the summer tourism can bring.  

There are also lots of things to do that do not involve directly getting into the water, like exploring local coffee shops and restaurants, playing games at the arcades, or just relaxing by the seafront. 

Planning and preparation are key, but sometimes you just never know with British weather.  So, it’s good to have some ideas ready just in case you feel a spontaneous trip to the beach is doable.  

Many beaches prioritise accessibility by offering beach wheelchairs and nearby disabled parking. But it’s good to do your own research and ensure that it has things you know you will need. For example, if you’re travelling with a wheelchair user, checking that the beach offers a spacious flat pavement that leads to the beach. Thinking about these things in advance will make for a much more enjoyable experience on the day.  

Read our article about accessible days out beside the seaside for inspiration. 

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Visit a farm (outdoors)

f you’re not quite ready to visit a beach in spring, then a trip to the farm could be a nice outdoor activity. Visiting a farm offers a fantastic sensory experience and encourages the use of fine motor skills through interaction with animals.  

It’s an educational and enjoyable way to connect with nature during the Easter break. If you spot animals that are commonly linked with Easter, like chickens, rabbits, or lambs, take pictures of them. You can then use this as inspiration for a creative painting session for your family to enjoy indoors. 

Discover an accessible farm near you.

Family at a farm playing with rabbits

Arts & crafts (indoors or outdoors)

There are plenty of Easter craft ideas that are inclusive and can be adjusted to cater to everyone’s individual needs. It’s a great opportunity to bring out everyone’s creative side while staying indoors if you need to.  

We’ve mentioned a few craft activities in our previous recommendations, but here are a few more you can save for an afternoon of arts and crafts with your family  

  • Make or decorate an Easter cards for friends and family 
  • Paint a flowerpot in time for the spring weather  
  • Create a new decoration for your home by drying flowers and framing them 
  • Make puppets out of odd socks or recycled paper 

There is inspiration everywhere. Whether you look to nature, online, or you bookmark this guide, you can rest assured you have lots of accessible activities for you and your family to do this Easter.

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