The advantages of regular car washing

Whether you love keeping your car spic and span or whether you think it’s a chore, we all know that washing a car regularly is a good thing to do, but what are the benefits of keeping a clean car? Read on to find out!

How often does your car get washed? In a perfect world, you’d clean it by hand, but that’s not possible for everyone, especially if you have a disability. Besides, automatic car washes, jet washes and commercial hand-wash businesses are there for a reason.

For some people, it’s a joy to keep their four-wheeled pride and joy gleaming; for others, it’s always last on their list of chores. But no matter which camp you’re in, it’s worth knowing why washing your vehicle frequently is a good idea.

We’ve listed the most significant benefits below.

Preventing damage

Dirt, mud, and salt can cling to your vehicle as you travel. You might not notice at first, but the minerals in them can spoil your paintwork. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to get your car washed regularly. This will rinse off the harmful grime in no time.

Keeping safe

When you go for a spin, your car’s mirrors, windows, and even its tyres should be free from dirt and debris. By regularly visiting your local car washing facility, you won’t have to lose any sleep about these parts being too mucky to drive with. You’ll be assured that your windscreen, side mirrors, rear window and tyres are spick-and-span and safe for your next journey.

Keep it looking good

Even if your Motability Scheme lease isn’t anywhere near its end, it’s important to do what you can to keep your motor looking good. Regular car washes can help avoid dull paint, scratches, rust, and other issues that can spoil the appearance of your car.

Life’s little irritants

Are you sick and tired of getting dirty hands after opening and closing your boot and doors? Well, keeping on top of getting your car washed can help prevent little irritants like this. 

Automatic car washes

When it comes to the soap and bubbles, automatic car washes are probably the quickest way of getting your vehicle clean. However, in the past, they got a bad reputation for how rough their bristly rollers were against paintwork. But, rest assured, a lot of car washes have been updated, and they now use soft brushes and cloths to avoid spoiling your car’s shiny coat. Overall, an automatic car wash is a convenient way to keep your motor clean, leaving you with more time to do other things.

Doing it yourself, if you can

If you’re determined to clean your car, then many products, from shampoos to polish, can be bought reasonably cheaply. A benefit of cleaning your vehicle is that you get to know your car well. In other words, you can easily spot any panel damage or see and feel scratches that might need attending to. Of course, accessibility needs to be considered, and it may not be possible for you to do the washing yourself. However, perhaps a relative or a friendly neighbour might be able to help you out? That way, at least you can closely inspect your car as it’s washed. Depending on your disability, you could maybe even make it a team effort.

Here’s our rule of thumb guide to hand washing a car:

  1. Rinse the car with a hose to get rid of grit and dirt. 
  2. Put car shampoo or wash wax onto a sponge and clean from the top of the vehicle downwards.
  3. Rinse the car bit by bit rather than soaping it in one go.
  4. Dry the vehicle using either microfibre cloths or a chamois.
  5. Finally, clean the wheels (using a different sponge to the one your car’s bodywork was washed with), alongside a cleansing product made for the task. 


We understand that these tips may not be able to be followed by you due to the nature of your disability. So, if you aren’t able to get someone to help you out, or you can’t join in, even though you’d like to, please don’t worry. Car washes, jet washes and commercial hand-wash businesses are, as we’ve said, widely available for you to make use of.

Good condition

By returning your Motability Scheme vehicle in a decent state, you could receive a “Good Condition Bonus” at the end of your lease. It’s their way of thanking you for looking after your car.

Find your next car

If you’re interested in joining the Mobility Scheme, check out our range of efficient vehicles here. If you’re already a Scheme customer, you can find out more about the process of getting your next car and see a breakdown of the process leading up to the day of collection.

The Motability Scheme enables you to swap all or part of your mobility allowance for leasing a vehicle, powered wheelchair or scooter. For further information about joining the Motability Scheme, please use our eligibility checker and request a free information pack.

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