Will disabled motorists be exempt from paying the T-Charge?

The T-charge is a new daily charge affecting vehicles travelling into London which do not meet the Euro 4 emissions standard. Most vehicles registered before 2006 are likely to exceed these limits. As Motability Scheme vehicles are newer and meet Euro 5 or 6 emission standards, they will not be affected by the new T-charge.

What is the T-charge?

Older vehicles driving in central London now need to meet minimum Euro emission standards or pay an extra daily £10 charge. The T-Charge, officially known as the Emissions Surcharge, operates in the Congestion Charge zone from Monday 23 October 2017, and will be charged in addition to the Congestion Charge. The T-Charge aims to improve air quality in London, in particular with regards to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter, both of which have an adverse effect on human health. Read more about the T-charge on gov.uk.

Which vehicles are affected?

The T-charge will affect vehicles which do not meet Euro 4 emissions standards. The standard defines emissions limits for cars, vans, buses, coaches and lorries. Motability Scheme vehicles are newer and meet Euro 5 or 6 emission standards, and therefore will not be affected by the new T-charge.


You can receive a concession from paying the London congestion charge if you are a Blue Badge holder by registering up to two cars that you travel in. To register you need to download the registration form and post it back with a £10 fee. As soon as your letter of notification arrives you will be able to drive in the congestion zone free of charge.

In addition, vehicles which are exempt from paying the London congestion charge will also be exempt from paying the T-charge. That means disabled motorists may enter the congestion charge zone free of charge if they are travelling in a vehicle which is exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). You should not need to pre-register as your number plate will be picked up by automatic number plate recognition cameras.

For brand new vehicles, be aware that Transport For London (TFL) update their systems approximately every 6 weeks, therefore, any newly registered vehicle may incur a T or Congestion charge within the first 6 weeks.

If you lease your vehicle through the Motability Scheme but it is unavailable and you are currently driving a temporary replacement vehicle, you will need to register this vehicle for exemption with TFL. To arrange temporary exemption you can contact TFL but please note this can take up to ten days so for short periods you may need to pay the charge.

Useful links

You can double check whether your vehicle is exempt from paying the T-charge here.

The T-Charge is different from the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) scheme. Read more about the upcoming ULEZ and what it will mean for Motability Scheme vehicles here.

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