Need new tyres? We have you covered!

Tyre replacement and repair is provided for Scheme customers by Kwik Fit as part of our worry-free lease. Did you know you can also visit one of Kwik Fit’s partner fitting centres at Tyre City and STS Tyre Pros to have your tyres fitted? This article explains all your need to know. 

Your tyres go through a lot on a daily basis. As the only point of contact between your car and the road, your tyres will unavoidably take some wear and tear along the way. From the moment a new tyre is fitted it will slowly begin to lose tread with each journey that it embarks on. While sensible driving and avoiding harsh braking can help to prolong the lifespan of your tyres, it is inevitable that they will one day need replacing.

As you may already know, as a Motability Scheme customer replacing a damaged or worn tyre needn’t be a hassle, as tyre replacement and repair is provided by Kwik Fit as part of your worry-free lease. But did you know you can also visit one of Kwik Fit’s partner fitting centres at Tyre City and STS Tyre Pros to have your new tyres fitted?

Cover across the UK

The inclusion of STS Tyre Pros and Tyre City adds 102 centres to the existing network of 600+ Kwik Fit centres, increasing accessibility across the whole UK. So whenever you’re in need of a tyre repair or replacement, you can be sure there’s a centre not far away.

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How do I book?

If you think you might need new tyres, either because the tread has become worn or they show signs of damage or a puncture, you can book your Motability Scheme vehicle into your local Kwik Fit, STS Tyre Pros or Tyre City centre using the online reservation tool here.

The online reservation tool is really easy to use – simply enter your registration and confirm your tyre size when booking an appointment so that your chosen centre can ensure they reserve the right tyres for you. You can choose the nearest and most convenient centre for you, be it a Kwik Fit, a Tyre Pros or a Tyre City centre. You can also request an appointment with Kwik Fit Mobile for an AM/PM appointment at a location convenient to you – at home or at work.  

If you would prefer to make a booking over the phone then feel free to contact Kwik Fit on 0330 123 1531. Appointments for Kwik Fit, Tyre City and STS Tyre Pros can all be booked using this number.

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