Euan’s Guide Access Survey: finds disabled access is worse post lockdown

Now in its 7th year, the team behind the Euan’s Guide have released their latest survey results about disabled access in the UK. Read their findings here.

This year’s survey gathered the views of over 2,400 disabled people and their families, friends, carers and health and social care professionals, and has revealed that 59% of respondents believe that Covid-19 has made disabled access worse in the UK. The survey also highlighted where venues can make simple improvements to be more inclusive.

The survey results showed that disabled people now have concerns when visiting venues across the UK:

  • 75% of respondents said that people are no longer respecting social distancing and there isn’t enough space for those who more vulnerable to feel comfortable in a venue
  • 68% said that they were not comfortable being around people who are not wearing face coverings
  • 68% of people also said that they were concerned that disabled toilets would be shut at venues they were visiting.

Respondents also suggested there was more that venues could do to make them feel safer and more likely to visit. 67% suggested that venues could provide more accessible routes that disabled people can navigate independently, 61% recommended that clearer markings should be in place to encourage people to keep their distance, and 53% of respondents would like to see a requirement for staff and visitors to wear masks at venues.

There are also some positives that can be taken from the results. The pandemic has increased the availability of remote working and studying opportunities, and it also forced organisations to improve their digital offering and access to cultural events. One survey respondent commented:

“It’s been amazing having so many things online. I feel the world has actually opened up for me rather than shut down in lockdown. I hope places consider keeping more online.”

Overall, the survey found that having greater flexibility has helped many people within the disabled community to access more events online.

Euan MacDonald, co-founder of Euan’s Guide said: “The pandemic has had a massive impact on everyone but especially disabled people. These results emphasise that we still have a lot of work to do, and we can’t do it alone so we need your help. If you are a disabled person, friend or family member, please share your disabled access experiences with us so more people can find accessible places to go. Likewise, if you own, run or work with a venue please ensure that you are promoting your welcome to disabled visitors.”

To view the full report and results, visit:

What is Euan’s Guide?

Euan’s Guide is an award-winning charity with the disabled access review website at its heart. The website features disabled access reviews by disabled people and their families and friends. Their reviews include hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and more.

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