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A new towing facility for the RAC

RAC Motability Assist are always working to improve their service to customers – they started the year by introducing their all new ‘all-wheels-up’ towing equipment, which means they can recover more vehicles from the roadside than before, if they can’t be fixed on the spot. The RAC has developed and launched new industry-leading equipment that effectively brings flatbed recovery capability to its breakdown patrol vans.

The RAC’s first priority, after ensuring the safety of the driver and their passengers, is to try to carry out a permanent or temporary vehicle fix at the roadside – this delivers the best outcome for drivers and means that in the vast majority of cases they can soon be on their way again. However, the increasing number of sports utility vehicles (SUVs), Electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids and vehicles with electric handbrakes has led to a significant rise in the number of customers whose vehicles cannot be towed to the nearest repairer due to all of the wheels locking up on breakdown. In response to this, the RAC have created an extension to their current rapid deployment trailer (RDT) so that patrol vans can now fully lift all four wheels of broken-down vehicles. And what this means for customers, is that more RAC patrols can recover vehicles more quickly, reducing the need to wait for an additional recovery vehicle.

The new equipment stows easily into the back of an existing long wheelbase RAC van, and can be deployed by a patrol in a fraction of the time that it would normally take for a standard recovery truck to arrive, meaning the time taken to get a broken down vehicle home or to a garage is cut dramatically.

RAC patrol Martin Payn, who works in Somerset and Dorset and regularly uses the new equipment, said:

“In the rural parts of the country I cover, I see a lot of breakdowns involving SUVs and 4x4s. In the past, on the occasions where I couldn’t fix their vehicle, customers always had to wait for a recovery truck – which was frustrating for them, and for me. This new kit has been very well received by customers who have seen it in action, with many remarking how clever and compact the design is. There are times when customers are fully expecting to have to wait for a recovery truck, and they are genuinely surprised and then very impressed that I’ve now got the ability to recover them myself, with my van.”

RAC Motability Assist and the Motability Scheme

One of the benefits of having a Motability Scheme car is that full breakdown assistance and cover, provided by the RAC, is included in the lease at no additional cost. We teamed up with the RAC to create a video to demonstrate what a typical day looks like for an RAC Patrolman. Watch the video to see how the RAC support our customers, every day.

New to the Scheme?

If you’re new to the Scheme and would like to find out more about the all-inclusive lease package and vehicles available to lease on the Motability Scheme, request a free information pack below and we’ll send you all the information you need.

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