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Female Motorist Involved In Car Accident Calling Insurance Company Or Recovery Service

How your car insurance works

Have you wondered how insurance claims work with the Motability Scheme? Check out our guide to the RSAM insurance.

Scheme news

A new towing facility for the RAC

The RAC has developed and launched new industry-leading equipment that effectively brings flatbed recovery capability to its breakdown patrol vans.

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Play video Kwik Fit fitter

A day in the life of a Kwik Fit fitter

We teamed up with Kwik Fit to create a video to demonstrate what a typical day looks like for a Kwik Fit fitter.

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Car mechanic

Everything you need to know about servicing your Motability Scheme car

Servicing is a very important part of keeping your car in top condition. We spoke to a Scheme dealer to answer some questions about it.

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Play video RAC patrolman

A day in the life of an RAC Patrolman

Watch the video to see how the RAC support our customers, every day.

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Flat tyre

What should you do if you get a puncture while driving?

Getting a puncture while driving can be extremely stressful. Here's the best way to stay calm and get help

Everyday tips
Car driving at night

Driving in the dark – tips on how to stay safe

To help you and others stay safe, Scheme Partner, The RAC have put together an essential guide packed full of advice on driving in the dark.

Everyday tips

Knowing your tyre size

Whether they’ve become worn with age or you’ve discovered a puncture, if you find you are in need of a new tyre, the first thing you’ll need to know when replacing it is your tyre size.

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Right Hand Drive

The top car hacks you (probably) didn’t know

Kwik Fit have put together their list of the top car hacks – features you didn’t know your car has and tips to help make driving a little more stress free.

Everyday tips
RAC patrol man

A day in the life of a RAC Patrol Man

This article looks at a typical day for a patrolman from Motability Scheme's breakdown partner--the RAC.

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