Breakdown assistance: Sarah’s experience with the RAC and Kwik Fit

Sarah Alexander-Georgeson is a disability blogger who leases a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) through the Scheme. Here, she shares her experiences of getting support from the RAC and Kwik Fit after discovering a tyre puncture.

The Motability Scheme provides an all-inclusive lease, and they work alongside a variety of different companies to deliver a more comfortable driving experience. The Scheme’s partners include the RAC, Kwik Fit, RSA, and Auto Glass – so if you breakdown or need a tyre or windscreen repaired, the Scheme has you covered.

I recently had to ask for help from some of the Scheme partners, and I found the whole experience very smooth. Whilst out shopping, I returned to my WAV to find that there was something on the windscreen. I immediately began to panic and thought I had forgotten to display my Blue Badge and had now received a parking ticket.

But as I got closer to my vehicle, I realised it was a handwritten note left under my windscreen wiper. Another shopper had spotted that one of my tyres had a puncture and had written a note to let me know. I had not noticed the puncture, and I am very grateful to that kind stranger for leaving me a note.

As it was after 6pm when I discovered the issue, my local Kwik Fit was already closed. It was also coming up to a bank holiday and I was planning on travelling over one hundred and fifty miles in the next few days. Because of this, I decided to call the RAC for their advice.

I have never had to use RAC Motability Assist before, so I wasn’t sure how long it would take. But after I called, someone was sent out to meet me in the shopping centre car park and arrived within fifteen minutes. I could not believe how quick they were.

If you breakdown or need assistance, RAC Motability Assist aims to get someone to you within 45 minutes – just call 0800 73 111 73.

The RAC operative thoroughly inspected all of my tyres and patched up the one which he found punctured with a screw. I was then informed that I would be safe to drive home that evening and to take my vehicle to the nearest Kwik Fit on the following morning. They told me not to travel on the motorway and not exceed 50 mph. So when I drove the ten minutes home, I tried very carefully to avoid every bump possible.

The next morning, my partner came with me to our local Kwik Fit. As they operate on a first-come, first-served basis, it can often get very busy, so we arrived as soon as they opened at 8:30am. We were happy to wait whilst the tyre was being changed, but we knew that it still may take a while for the issue to be resolved.

To keep everyone safe, the waiting room was clean and spacious with hand sanitiser and masks available for customers who want them. There was plenty of room between the chairs and tables, so I didn’t feel unsafe at all whilst I was waiting. The mechanics kept a safe distance away and I was always kept up to date with what was happening with my vehicle.

Booking a Kwik Fit appointment

Kwik Fit are open seven days a week and there are 678 centres across the UK. To save on waiting times, you can now book an appointment online.

Luckily, within the hour we were heading out of the door with a new tyre and greater peace of mind. I have had a few experiences with Kwik Fit and they have always been positive.

I am very glad to whoever it was that spotted that flat tyre and left me a note, because it could have otherwise led to a serious accident on the motorway. I am also grateful to the Scheme partners for resolving the issue so quickly and helping me get back on the road and travelling to see my family.

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