Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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Man in a wheelchair coming out from a wheelchair accessible vehicle

How to maximise your WAV lease package

Disability writer, Shona Louise, shares how to get the most out of your WAV lease package to keep your vehicle in excellent working order and to maintain peace of mind during your lease.

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Emma Muldoon in her Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)

Working with a WAV

Disabled writer and content creator, Emma Muldoon, shares how her Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) helps give her independence and freedom to work as a self-employed freelancer.

WAV supplier speaking to a customer in a wheelchair next to a WAV

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) suppliers

The Motability Scheme works with a range of expert Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) suppliers. They play a crucial role in helping customers get mobile and enjoy worry-free motoring.

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Graham standing with a WAV supplier outside a WAV

Your annual WAV check explained

Learn about your annual Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) check included in your Motability Scheme lease from Graham Lloyd, the Accessible Vehicle Partnerships Manager.

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Person in a wheelchair making notes outside

Essential questions for your WAV demonstration

Graham Lloyd, Accessible Vehicle Partnership Manager for the Motability Scheme, shares a helpful list of questions to ask during your WAV demonstration.

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Emma Muldoon sitting in her up-front Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)

Getting my new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)

Disability blogger and Motability Scheme customer, Emma Muldoon, shares her experience of getting her new WAV as an upfront passenger.


Looking after your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)

In between your scheduled servicing and annual vehicle checks, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent unnecessary repairs or maintenance.

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Top tips to care for your car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle’s (WAV) battery

Cars and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) work smoothly when their batteries are healthy. To avoid common issues, we've gathered some simple tips on taking care of your vehicle's battery.

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Watch as Scheme customer Sarah looks for a new WAV

Choosing a new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is a big decision, and there are lots of things you need to consider. Hear from Scheme customer Sarah about her process of choosing a new WAV.

Shona next to her WAV

Shona’s story: “The Motability Scheme is about more than just a vehicle, it’s shaped my life”

Shona, a wheelchair user, became a Motability customer in 2020. She shares how the Scheme has shaped her life and enabled her to move in with her long-term partner.


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